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Played 9 this morning and shot a 40 on the front nine. I think my handi will drop to a 12.
i think i will go to the next golf club meeting and raise some qeustions there as well. here in SA we are using a handicap network system thats linked to all the courses. im going to suggest to them i they cant implement a small program that before you start you input your tee off time and when you finish we normally swipe our cards to input our score. so even then it can track your playing time. the the clubs can have access to all the slow players,and the clubs can...
thanx for all the responses,but the course im talking about is my home course. so its actually a bit sad! and all the other courses is a bit far away to go and play for me. but yes i still think that is the responssibility of every player to check his playing time and that of the marshall on the course. Are you alloweed to ask for your greenfees back that day?
thats sounds kewl,ill post one as soon as i go to the driving range again.
the other day while playing local cluub competition,we had 3 four balls in front of us. We had to wait about ten minutes on each hole. we did contact the club so that theyy send out someone to speed things up for us but to no avail. we played 18holes in 7:30 hours!!!! The marshall told us that they booked those spots for their own competition ,i think the club should allocate them to the last spot on the day.
i have the same irons but only te black dots. they are about 12-13 years old.
longest iron is a 4. and my driver distance is about 210m to 230m. my 4iron i can hit it 200m,and with my driver that is a 9deg i hit it very high with a fade so that decreases my range.
i also prefer to play 9holes by myself,because you are not rushed or distracted by bad shots from the other guys. you know some guys that i have played with oon 9holes are so rushed...and it affects my shot decisions a well!
hi guys Went out yesterday and shot a 87. not on my handi but i again struggled on my driving. onlyy hit two fairways which resulted in par's. but the rest of the holes i had to produce good shots to get a bogey...
hi all Im working as QC Manager on KUSILE power station in south africa. playing way to little golf. would like to up my game in the new year! but you will see regurly on here
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