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   Hi Mike, thanks for your response. I'll try to steepen out my shoulder/hip rotation as best as I can. I am still experiencing a lingering back/hip injury and have some trouble getting the right side to stretch as ERIK with a "K" demonstrated in the first video. What will the steeper rotation do for me?  Hi Erik, I don't mind the discussion from mwferguson - i'm learning new thing as well. I spent yesterday practicing my backswing. I drew an imaginary plane line and...
Darn! close with Kuchar, point taken on the flat to steep swing. Sorry, haha. I have a friend named Eric - too used to spelling it that way. Please accept my apology, ERIK.
2014 Goals   1. Full recovery from my golf-related back injury in 2012 2. Consistency off the tee (currently 1-3 OB shots a round, killing me) 3. Make my wedges be the club I practice the most in my bag 4. Score in the Low-Mid 80's (currently mid-high 80's) 5. Shoot 79
So that I can root for you both on and off the course, aay I ask about what type of business you are venturing into? Might be OT.   Good luck Kyle! James
 Only one I can think of off the top of my head is possibly Matt Kuchar? Maybe...haha  Understood that it is the complete opposite of what I am used to, just haven't had confirmation that this is the feel/action that I need. I've updated my handicap, usually shoot mid to high 80's. (Only reason I'm mentioning this is that it MIGHT change the way you offer advice as opposed to an 18. 14 is not much better I know *sob*)  Yep, I am having trouble with consistency, especially...
Hi Erik, what a nice surprise to have you post in my swing thread so early :D I was inside and didn't have much room to work with on the camera angles. I will get better one's up when I can get outside. Few questions - 1. Is a flat to steep transition, as shown in your first screenshot, an undesirable thing? I have tried the "furyk" feel and felt uncomfortable and didn't spend too much time ingraining it into my swing as I didn't see a need to. 2. Would you like to see my...
Hi Mwferguson, Thanks for your response and your time in looking at my swing!  I do agree that my swing looks very flat, but is it my arms that are too flat or my hands that are too laid off? I don't know what kind of difference it would make but it seems like my arms are at about shoulder height...could also be an issue of my shoulders rotating too much on a flat line rather than an inclination. As for my hips spinning out...thank you very much for pointing this out. I...
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2 Years   My current handicap index or average score is: 14 My typical ball flight is: Low, Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push     Videos:      
Hey bj, Just curious what course youre playing at?
Im currently in the middle of a grip change as well....moving to a more neutral grip from a strong one. Im getting nasty push-slices with my driver and am using my old strong grip until i get it straightened out
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