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Driver        290-315 3 Wood     255-270 2H             235-245 5H             205-215 5               190-205 6               180-190 7               170-180 8               160-170 9               150-160 PW           130-140 GW           115-125 SW            90-115 LW              0-85   Conditions dictate but this is in 55-70* weather
Theres a great instructor out of Lee's Hill, about 5mi south of Fredericksburg.   great courses in the Richmond area, as mentioned earlier is Royal New Kent, and a great one is Federal Golf Club (high $$$). Pendleton is a nice course as well...Welcome back to the game!
I started playing the Bridgestone series, seems like they have a different ball for each part of your game you are focusing on, go on their website and do the ball fitting. I did this and used the ball I was fitted with for one round and fell in love...you wont get the spin Troy Aikman throws in the commercial, but then again you wont complian like Deon Sanders either...
Weight on the heels will produce a straighter shot and less power, this should only be used to cure a case of the "S" word. This will work for a round or two but all you are really doing is putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. There is a lot more wrong in your swing and the thought of this is taking your mind off the real cause, it wont work for long. most likely your problem is leaning into the ball on your downswing..., the weigh on the heels is preventing this.
New Posts  All Forums: