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LOL.  thanks Jhawker, that's what I'm looking for!  I may just have to order a new one.  Do you play with one that is the suggest length from their website or did you go slightly shorter, more of a style that Randy Haag uses? (at least his putter looks shorter that what is suggested from PR Dionne).
Anyone have a GP Putter by PR Dionne that they would like to get rid of?  I would like to try one out. Thanks,  Ken
86 today, glad to get a winter round in. 1 birdie 8 pars 4 bogeys 4 dbl bogeys 1 triple Hit 11 out 14 fairways / 8 GIR 4 three putts The short stick and 4 bad swings on my 4 worst holes kill a score!
I agree, go get fitted. If you go shorter and you don't go with another driver, you will want a club maker to reassemble your driver so that you get the swing weight or moi correct. If you have access to some shorter drivers, I would suggest you go get some impact tape and hit the different length drivers at the range and see if you get more center hits with the shorter shaft I went through a substantial fitting last year and went from 45.25" driver to a 44.5" driver. The...
Took care of it, thanks!
L2 putter for sale. If you have ever considered face on putting you should try the l2. Putter is 50" in length and in excellent condition, sale includes the head cover. Pictures upon request http://www.laterallineputter.com
I am a similar handicap at a 10.5 and I have worked on this part of my game a lot this year. For chipping, I have found this video http://youtu.be/OTCpkYqF8Ig helpful in explaining the rule of 12 or rule of 11, depending on the lofts of your clubs. The chipping motion with this technique after some practice, turns the stroke in to a routine movement with the focus on hitting your spot just in front of you on the green vs thinking of trying to get the ball to the hole. ...
New Posts  All Forums: