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I had the pleasure of playing with John this past week at his clubs guest day. Thanks again John for a great day of golf! It was a lot fun and John was a real trooper putting up with my game while playing in the rain for most of the day" . John has a solid and consistent game, fun to watch. If anyone ever has the chance, take John up on his offer to play. Winghaven is a very nice course but more important, everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming to the guests, a...
I could not agree with this more. I am dropping my 60 degree wedge as well. I have a 47 deg PW, 51 GW, 56 SW and used to carry a 60 LWwith 8 deg bounce. I found myself using it less and less as I can make all of the shot with my 56 SW when needed. Choking down on club, moving ball from back foot to front, etc. I have had more confidence sticking with the 56 vs having one more option with the 60, a club that I had to always worry about lie, length of rough, thick zoysia...
2014 Goals - get fitted for new driver - improve off of the tee. Too many ob's (I'll hit a wedge if I have too:-D) - currently a 12, get to single digit HC - improve GIR from last year
Excalibur Maduro III or lately I have been hooked on Alec Bradely Nica Puro in the Gordo!
Could not agree more, get fitted! IMO it is all about driver shaft length, weight, flex point, stiffness, and the feel of a firm or soft tip. After that, swing weight and total weight of the club. After that, the club head loft, face neutral open or closed, and eventually lie angle come in to play I think once you get those figured out you could throw any brand head on the end and you will have good results assuming you have a workable swing. There are a lot of...
I am not a ping guy but my brother plays them, they have great service if you ever need your clubs adjusted, refinished, etc. they cost more, but they provide excellent service at the factory when needed. Good luck with your new sticks. Not sure what you were playing, but with a 4 iron at 23 degrees loft and a PW at 45 degrees loft on the g25, I assume you will pick up distance
If you want to get a handle on shafte and grip prices, go out to golfwokprks.com and you will be able to see the retail price difference between those items. The major mfg use shafts in their own name at times which will make it difficult to determine what you are getting some times, but most offer the option of Tt, KBS, Project X etc.
Watched her utube video, what a long and smooth swing!
Agree on the club comparison, but a big Bertha vs a persimmon would add some distance. That distance pulse the ball changes, makes up most of the distance advantages IMO. Also, a player using balata and persimmon could not afford to swing off of their feet like bubba, they would rarely be in the fairway if they did back the due tithe spin and ball design
I think the biggest change in distance is the golf ball. The advent of titanium face on the driver is a large change as well, but let's face it, the mfg are capped on the cor that they can produce a driver face so there is a limit to technology since. The ball however, continues to develop. The attached link is on a test of titleist balls from the balata to the current pro v1 ball. All test are. With a player that has a 110 mph swing, less than. The longest tour pros by...
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