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I went back and forth between face on and std putting over the past couple of years and landed back with face on. I have more confidence with the 4' and in putts, those that I tended to push or pull with a std putter. I owned a L2 putter for a while, and landed on a face on two ball style putter. My brother uses the PR Dionne putter and seems to like it. On short putts I look down at the putter and focus on a straight back and forward stroke, on long putts I view the...
Isn't that the truth!  
2013 I was at a 12, got it down to 10.5 by the end of 2014, and my last revision was 10.3.  I have shot some low scores for me this year (high 70's a few times), but those have been on easier courses (68 / 110 slope) and unfortunately I still throw in a high 80's or 90 sometimes.  I am trying to get under 10 but I need more consistency.  I have another 77 posted and hopefully I can get another couple of rounds in before the next revision
I cracked up when I read your post.  I to have been hanging right around a 10hcp, wanting to get in to the single digit range and also recently had a couple of rounds in the high 70's.  Unfortunately for me on my last round this past weekend, just when I thought I had total control of my driver, the pull hook came out of no where!  I recorded an 86 with 5 lost balls, only due to ESC scoring as most were on par 5's!  Ugly day of golf.  
LOL.  thanks Jhawker, that's what I'm looking for!  I may just have to order a new one.  Do you play with one that is the suggest length from their website or did you go slightly shorter, more of a style that Randy Haag uses? (at least his putter looks shorter that what is suggested from PR Dionne).
Anyone have a GP Putter by PR Dionne that they would like to get rid of?  I would like to try one out. Thanks,  Ken
86 today, glad to get a winter round in. 1 birdie 8 pars 4 bogeys 4 dbl bogeys 1 triple Hit 11 out 14 fairways / 8 GIR 4 three putts The short stick and 4 bad swings on my 4 worst holes kill a score!
I agree, go get fitted. If you go shorter and you don't go with another driver, you will want a club maker to reassemble your driver so that you get the swing weight or moi correct. If you have access to some shorter drivers, I would suggest you go get some impact tape and hit the different length drivers at the range and see if you get more center hits with the shorter shaft I went through a substantial fitting last year and went from 45.25" driver to a 44.5" driver. The...
Took care of it, thanks!
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