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Took care of it, thanks!
L2 putter for sale. If you have ever considered face on putting you should try the l2. Putter is 50" in length and in excellent condition, sale includes the head cover. Pictures upon request http://www.laterallineputter.com
I am a similar handicap at a 10.5 and I have worked on this part of my game a lot this year. For chipping, I have found this video http://youtu.be/OTCpkYqF8Ig helpful in explaining the rule of 12 or rule of 11, depending on the lofts of your clubs. The chipping motion with this technique after some practice, turns the stroke in to a routine movement with the focus on hitting your spot just in front of you on the green vs thinking of trying to get the ball to the hole. ...
Started the season at 12.5 and have been slowly working my way down with a goal of single digits this year. I am currently at a 10.3, need some good rounds to end the year!
Here a few photos I took. They include a Mizuno TZoid 1 iron I had laying around for a comparison. I agree with other poster, you can't beat these clubs, they are that good. The low price is just a huge bonus
 The sole of the club is a little larger that a lot of the blades on the market, but I do not notice it all from the top side of the clubs.  That being said, they are not as large as what you would see on player improvement clubs.  I'll take a couple of pictures and post them for you.   
My swing speed with a 6 iron is usually around 87. I usually hit 6 iron 175-180. I used to be my 190 club but I am really working on 80% swings and it has been helping me with accuracy. My driver swing speed is 100-105. I know my stats would point me to a x100 shaft but frankly, I have not noticed any difference. Your results may vary, but I still think length, swing weight and feel are more important.
 I have always played True Temper S300 in the past.  I ordered this set with the True Temper Dynalite Gold SL w/sensicore in the X100 and have been very pleased with them.  They were on sale at the time, I think I was around $340 all in on the set, a great deal overall.  I have had many others hit the irons at the range and they have been very impressed with the feel of the irons.  Go for it, you will not be disappointed.  If you are a higher handicap golfer, you may want...
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