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A slight sit into my left side.
Great video @mvmac I got two questions. 1. Is it a good feel to just feel like your trail hip moves straight behind you, away from the target line rather than just sliding parallel down the target line?2. When I do this and get a good center hip turn I feel like I'm doing something wrong in the downswing. I feel like I'm going to fall over on my thru swing, like I slid too far forward. Does this make sense?
I don't believe your hands return to any position that matches your original position. Your hands at setup will not be the same as at impact. I guess I don't follow what you mean by "natural."
I focused on my right shoulder or trail shoulder. If my shoulder comes out toward the ball then I was doomed to come over the top. If I feel like I keep my shoulder from popping out and feeling of going more down and under my chin it really helps come from the inside.
It especially helps on my drives but I feel like I have to have a more level shoulder turn. If I don't, I slice it.
Not as cut as I thought. He looks healthier with his shirt on! Lol.
He obviously is bigger than he used to be but he's not roided out as some people have suggested. Also, anything Chamblee or Haney says about Tiger I take with a grain of salt.
I think he should ditch Foley, whether he does or not remains to be seen. His driving is the biggest flaw in his game. I feel Foley needs to fix the long stick. If that's what they are working on with no obvious improvement then that shows me Foley sucks; if that isn't their priority piece then that shows me Foley is incompetent.
Ok, so I was at the range today and I had a feel of keeping my right hand and right shoulder close together in the downswing. I tried to maintain this relationship and carried in the downswing and it really helped. It helped get my right elbow to my hip, prevented early extension and helped with distance. It extremely helped my drives by adding more distance. Has anyone else had this swing thought? I understand it is just a FEEL but it seemed to really help. Any thoughts?
It is really hard to tell because the modern greens seems to roll the ball so much better than the old greens. It literally looked like Palmer and Nicklaus and others just pounded their ball and watched it hop and bounce down their line. The speed of their putts had to be way faster to keep them on line.
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