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I think he could still contribute.
As Joe Dirt would say, "DANG!"
I'm willing to bet Notah Begay had something to do with it. I believe he introduced them.
Some of his players partner with Grant Waite. So this dude is some how affiliated with Grant Waite. That's pretty cool.
That dude charges 1500 for a half day! People will probably be willing to pay it now he instructs one of the best golfers ever.
I honestly feel that if you made an effort to address what had been suggested in this thread (many times) you would actually see an improvement in your swing. Or keep jumping from swing to swing and get absolutely nowhere. Dude, you honestly cannot get any worse by trying our suggestions. If you just try what we are saying I promise you will get better and maybe see the light! Good luck buddy. P.S. Are you a troll?
A slight sit into my left side.
Great video @mvmac I got two questions. 1. Is it a good feel to just feel like your trail hip moves straight behind you, away from the target line rather than just sliding parallel down the target line?2. When I do this and get a good center hip turn I feel like I'm doing something wrong in the downswing. I feel like I'm going to fall over on my thru swing, like I slid too far forward. Does this make sense?
I don't believe your hands return to any position that matches your original position. Your hands at setup will not be the same as at impact. I guess I don't follow what you mean by "natural."
I focused on my right shoulder or trail shoulder. If my shoulder comes out toward the ball then I was doomed to come over the top. If I feel like I keep my shoulder from popping out and feeling of going more down and under my chin it really helps come from the inside.
New Posts  All Forums: