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I feel like I have to squat in order for me to smash my lead foot into the ground. If I don't squat then I feel like I get stuck and my weight stays over my trail leg. Kind of an odd feel but that is the best way for me to transfer my weight/pressure into my lead foot.
Was the ball teed low? Where at on the face were you hitting the ball? Is hard to tell with the dtl view, I think face on would help out better for this problem. I'm no expert, not even close, but your swing looks better than mine! Lol! The only two things I got would be tee height and impact on the face. If you tried teeing it up higher and hit it on the face higher it would really help your launch angle. Also with face on it would show whether you were getting an in...
Video your current swing and then you probably can tell if it's the machine or you. I would guess that you are doing something in your swing. Your launch angle isn't what stood out to me but your fluctuations in your club head speed. There was a max difference of 15 miles per hour! I wonder what type of monitor it was...
I voted for "most impressive" which to me is Anika. She is the ONLY female to do this. We have 6 males accomplish this but Anika stands alone in this regard. Watching ANYONE shoot 59 is amazing.
Get an impact bag. If you don't have one you can use a rolled up sleeping bag and practice full swings hitting the bag.
I couldn't really replace the divots. It's really just a big field so there isn't any fully intact divots to replace. We just fill them in with sand. This range isn't associated with or at a course. I do rows of divots and leave a strip of grass in between them because I learned on here that it helps the grass grow back quicker.
About the size of a savings bond. Jk, normally they are Slightly smaller than a bill.
He said the next time I go he's gonna put my off to the side in the tree line. Lol!
I thought I should share this. I was at a driving range yesterday and was taking about a dollar bill sized divot in front of the ball (more or less) and the pro came out and said I shouldn't be taking divots at all! I should be lightly brushing the grass not taking divots. I thought this was odd. He told me to cup my wrist in the backswing to help shallow out my swing. I asked him how that will help and he said, "I'm not giving this instruction to benefit you but to...
Could be the battery getting too hot. I have the same camera
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