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Deformation you could at least observe on high speed cameras, but compression can you even accurately measure in a golf ball?
Glad to hear you are recovering! First I need to ask if you have consulted with your doctor if you are well enough to golf. Second, please take your time and realize it will be a long road so don't over do it! I suffered from a brain aneurysm awhile back and what helped me was taking SLOW swings and focusing on rhythm and tempo. I found this helped alot. If I swung too hard my head would pound. So maybe making small easy good swings might in grain good practise. Build from...
Get video of your swing up. If you top your shots and hit them fat and when you make contact the ball goes sky high, this tells me you flip. Start a my swing thread and get your video uploaded. Some really knowledgeable guys on here can square you away quick.
I think the strokes gained stats show that there isn't a very large gap between a pro and amateur and also that putting isn't the most important stroke from tee to green. So with that being said, this ties into this topic, some people argue that amateurs wouldn't have a chance at Augusta due to the tough greens and hard putts.
I'm reading the book now and so far that is what I have gathered. Pros don't putt spectacularly better than amateurs, and putting isn't as significant to scoring as we all think.
I would agree. But, Maybe that's part of the membership? People paying high dollar to be able to play on the same course and set up as the masters?
I guess you could make the greens easier if you brought a bottle of water with you and poured it out on your line when putting. Lol. Other than that I guess the course would probably stay the same year round, tournament or not
Amateur golfers almost always overestimate and have false confidence. I sir, am a amateur golfer.
If I over cut/slice it usually takes a clubs worth of distance away. But if I try to hit a little baby cut it usually goes just as far as my normal stock shot. I can sometimes hit a push cut (some call a power fade) and I can hit it further than a draw. Caveats: I'm not super consistent with these shots so please keep in mind I'm only talking about the successful attempts
Yes, sorry. I forgot to tag him.
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