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2014: -Scoring differential from first to 150th is only a difference of 2.5 strokes. -scoring avg. From first to 150th is only a difference of 2.3 strokes. 1980: - score avg. From first to 150 is 3.43 strokes. - scoring differential first to 150th is 5.6 strokes.
You could simply look at the stats from 1980 and compare it to 2014. Look at average score and other stats. I bet you would find there is a larger gap between last and first opposed to now. Tighter gaps would tell me a stronger more competitive field
Why are we getting hung up on Jack and Tiger? It's not really the point at all. I'm talking about strength of field present versus past. Using jack or tiger as examples is pointless because that addresses ONE player from that generation. I'm talking about ALL golfers now versus then. Of course I would agree Jack or Tiger in any generation would be great for their time but this is not the topic of the OP. It's strength of field now vs. then. (Jacks era versus Tigers era)
I know the tour didn't start tracking stats until later...but look at the stats now. Today the difference between first and last on tour is usually very tight. This tells me the playing field is very tight. I wonder what those same stats would look like back then. I bet there is a larger disparity between first and last.
I believe there is a large disparity due to advances in club/ball technology, more athletic focus, better technology to analyze swing. Golf is more of a science than a feel anymore. With all these facts taken into consideration, there is less separation between the best and worst nowadays. You could be ranked dead last at average score and first place could be beating you by only a mere 1 or 2 strokes.
I would assume the opposite. If he is taking deep divots then I would think he is coming in too steep. Almost need to look at video to see what's going on. Just my 2 cents
Glad you are making progress!
@LukasM What swing keys or fundamentals do you advocate as a must in every swing to have a successful swing? For example, 5SK advocates 5 keys; steady head, weight forward, etc. The keys you list, how are they unique to the Haney system, and how do they differ from all others?
Deformation you could at least observe on high speed cameras, but compression can you even accurately measure in a golf ball?
Glad to hear you are recovering! First I need to ask if you have consulted with your doctor if you are well enough to golf. Second, please take your time and realize it will be a long road so don't over do it! I suffered from a brain aneurysm awhile back and what helped me was taking SLOW swings and focusing on rhythm and tempo. I found this helped alot. If I swung too hard my head would pound. So maybe making small easy good swings might in grain good practise. Build from...
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