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I joined. Put us at 12 teams.
Wish I could get one closer to MO. I want to take this class!
Two things: first, I would not change from one model to another for 1 yard; nor would I say one is more superior than the other. Secondly, the further the hands travel on an arc the more speed you should get, all things being equal in your swing. I don't think pros have a preference, their bodies and swing styles and mechanics probably choose oNE or two plane for them.
Masters: Tiger US Open: Rory Open: Rory PGA: Tiger ....hopeful thinking....
Old Tom Morris was known to have a perfect swing while playing silly podkins.
Before you get back on your soapbox, I want to clarify that I am talking about golf swings. I could give two craps about baseball swings on a golf forum
I have to disagree. If it is a sway then yes, you are right. If it's rotational, such as a coil, then I don't agree.
I know DL3 is tall but his son looks like he towers over him! Dang! I wonder if those lanky arms can out drive the old man. Caveat: I seen them on golf channel, not judging their height relative to each other based on these pictures. Lol
I like when some long hitters say your legs don't help hit it far so they get on their knees and bomb one. They say it's rotational force and arms that create speed. What I find funny is if what they say is true then hoist them off the ground a few inches so that their feet aren't touching the ground and let them try again. I bet their ball will not go half as far. The truth is we use the ground for leverage AND releasing energy. When those guys get on their knees and hit...
This video had been posted in here somewhere before. It has helped me as well.
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