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The picture is at A2. A3 is when the hinge happens. Even if he doesn't have a full hinge at the top of his backswing, I bet it still increases in the downswing. 300 yard drives with minimal hinge doesn't exist as far as I know.
I look at that as an effect. Maybe the hips aren't open enough at impact this retarding the shoulder turn thru. I think being more specific would help more than just "make your knees touch"
Be sure and check back in and let us know how you like it!
You and I both.
I joined. Put us at 12 teams.
Wish I could get one closer to MO. I want to take this class!
Two things: first, I would not change from one model to another for 1 yard; nor would I say one is more superior than the other. Secondly, the further the hands travel on an arc the more speed you should get, all things being equal in your swing. I don't think pros have a preference, their bodies and swing styles and mechanics probably choose oNE or two plane for them.
Masters: Tiger US Open: Rory Open: Rory PGA: Tiger ....hopeful thinking....
Old Tom Morris was known to have a perfect swing while playing silly podkins.
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