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Sorry guys! I have been gone for a while but yes I do have one of these putters and I can say it is great!
I think since you started this thread you should tell us a little about this putters? I mean do they conform to the specs accepted by the USGA?Even though I am not the creator I can answer most if not all do your questions. To begin YES they do conform to the USGA rules and are approved by the USGA. What makes these putters so incredible is the ability to keep them square. The putter tries to stay square (I believe through MOI but not sure). I believe he thought he could...
I hope so.
I[quoteI'm sorry but I don't believe this.
I really like him... Watch him all the time :)
http://thesandtrap.com/products/bridgestone-golf-2014-tour-b330-s-golf-balls-pack-of-12/reviews/4838   This is the link to my review :) But I will also post it here :)   Pros: High spin on chips, pitches and wedges, Great sounding ball, Great overall feel Cons: Quite high spinning off te driver   After being chosen to test the brand new Bridgestone B330-s I was very excited to see what the new ball had to offer. i had been using the Callaway Hex Chrome + before...
Hey guys! So I thought that I would start a thread here talking about this awesome new putter company my buddy started! The company is called Directed Force putters and they make the coolest putters! I haven't gotten my hands on one but I have some pictures and I figured I would show you guys. Enjoy!
Since the Titleist woods and hybrids now have a Surefit Tip to adapt into them if you can find someone to put that adapter onto the shaft you can use the same shaft!
So I went through the Titleist shaft options and found this for you... Hope it helps!  
I know that people often correlate height with shaft length but in the end they just don't always match. Always get custom fit and find out... You never know. I know short people who have lengthened irons and I know a guy who is 6'4" and uses -.5"! Good Luck!
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