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i've got a bullet for the DK Masters Milly. will probably pick up a couple more leading up to the weekend.
happened for me in the same round:   Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) 2006. was in college, and home visiting for the long holiday weekend. hadn't played a round in the previous 24 months, since my club had been stolen from my car on Xmas Eve two years previous. went and played with my dad and two brothers in some kind of TurkeyShootout at Copper River CC.   my dad had cobbled a set of clubs for me from his stash that morning - all in good condition, but nothing...
 good post. agree with your points and analysis. i've got a similar setup: wedges are 52, 56, and 58. i ditched the 60 degree last year and found good success with opening up the 58 when necessary in a bunker or needing a flop shot. was then able to add a 5h which was easier to hit than my old 3i.
a couple of DFS lineups   Furyk Knost Perez Schwartzel Walker Stefani   Couples Garcia Haas Perez Schwartzel Watney
thanks for the link.   so much clickbait though.
for DFS purposes, does anyone have a schedule of tee times and courses?   usually, i'm a google ninja, but can't seem to find who's playing where on what day.   TIA - links are welcome
Iron Maiden
can we safely say that the first leg of the Trunk Slam is complete?
pulling hard for Watney and Levin. got them both in Daily Fantasy, and both are < 5% owned. would be nice to see Fowler play well too.
#18 at Hiddenbrooke in Vallejo, CA is a par 5. my buddy pikes a drive and has about 240 in. he decides he's going to go for the green and waits for the group ahead to clear.   i'm still not sure how these morons did it, but as they left the green they put the flagstick back in the hole in such a manner that it was leaning left at about a 35 degree angle.   my buddy, shaking his head and muttering obscenities at them, then proceeds to rip a 3W which hits the flagstick -...
New Posts  All Forums: