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two hours ago:   short par 4 (375). dogleg right. hit 3W to the LH side of the fairway. course was "carts only" so i had to guess on my yardage, and picked PW before walking to the ball, thinking it was about 115.   got there, and it was more like 130 into the breeze. lazy, i decided not to walk back and grab the 9i, and i put a perfect swing on the PW. knocked it to 8'. i wasn't impressed with the distance, which was probably at the outer-limits of that club, but more...
no love for Stricker? with the way he putts and his short game, i think he's got as good a shot as Scott, Blixt, or Rory.   picked Dufner at 33/1 on Wednesday, so that's my guy for the afternoon.
last week, the idiots (that's putting it kindly) in the group ahead of us couldn't figure out how to put the pin back in the hole when they were done with the hole. for example, they did such a crappy job on #16, the wind blew the flag down as we were hitting our approach shots. on #18, par 5 540 down wind, the flag was sitting at about a 20 degree angle in the cup after the group in front of us were done. my playing partner has 250 to the green, from a side-hill lie...
i don't disagree with your decision, but curious:   are you ditching the 60 degree because you can't hit it, or because you have other wedge(s) that serve the same purpose?
  dude had a helluva day. maybe not as bad as Schwartzel though....   http://static3.businessinsider.com/image/51e822c4eab8ea3e4a00000f/charl-club-throw.gif
  i rarely wash the "clean" one.   i use the Guy Laundry Theorem: if it sits in the laundry basket (or on my bag) long enough, it eventually becomes clean again.
i'm with you: two towels, one for club/ball cleaning and one (fairly clean) for hand drying, etc.   i usually wash the cleaning towel after every round, but at this point even bleach won't get it as white as it once was. no big deal.
i liked Hank's advice in tonight's episode (2?) in having Michael shorten his swing. he's got a real languid tempo and shortening the backswing and follow through, along with a quicker tempo should improve contact. kinda cool to be a world-class athlete and globe trot course to course, but six rounds in six days has to be rough.
well, this tournament took place yesterday and all-in-all it was a good experience. the group we got paired up with were really cool and friendly, and the whole tournament had a more relaxed feel than i expected. the tournament official on site made sure to greet each group on the first tee, and went over some of the local rules for the course and the format of the event. he had pre-printed some guidelines to speed up play (e.g. take an "X" if you're putting for a 9 and...
you'd think that for $200 million dollars, he'd have access to a dentist 24/7.   toothache is bullshit. the guy flat out quit due to poor play and embarrassed himself, the tournament, the Tour, and his sponsors in the process.   boooooo.
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