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 yeah.  the sharps will have [many] Multiple Entries in all kinds of contests. even with the vig DK/FD/VT are taking, these guys can make a decent profit just in sheer volume. the key is looking at "soft" pricing in contests....PGA is good for this, especially in Majors where Average Joe Square is wants to put a little cash on TW/FIGJAM.
heard rumblings that DK was going to cap the Multiple Entry Limit in the Milly 100.   not sure if that applies to other sports.
not sure how the R&A decision to start play, and then stop it less than an hour(?) later is defensible. totally botched IMO.   if they're gonna send these guys out there, with the forecast well-known, then let 'em play.   also: NFL <> Golf.
curious decision from the R&A to suspend play.   commercials from The Four Letter Network about how arduous the conditions can be, and how tough the Open Championship is to win is the height of hypocrisy.   tough for one, tough for all. let. them. play.
 [wrong thread] now imagine if Tiger was in contention. [/wrong thread]
@EthanHaskellDFS: 207 teams still rostered Rory McIlroy for the Millionaire Maker.   so great. LOL
 Milly ownership: Rose - 7.5% (GREAT value here)Fowler - 28.5% (ooof)Mats - 21.8% (ooof)Kisner - 14.0% (kinda high)Berger - 1.7% (wow...could be fantastic)Fleetwood - 16.1% (not great value)
 agreed. DK Milly is a total crap-shoot: you gotta get all six guys to the weekend, and have the winner with at least one "sleeper" who is low-owned throughout the tourney. Big Tourney leans: Streb (look at his Strokes Gained) $6400Matsuyama (guy is a cut-making machine) $8500Walker (like Mats, guy makes cuts) $8000Aiken (Euro Tour guy who will likely fly under the radar and is super-cheap) $6700 Big Tourney Fades: Spieth - most expensive guy (limits mid-tier options) and...
i enjoy playing solo. i work in an industry where i talk to The General Public face-to-face for hours every day, so getting some time alone to chill out is good for mental health.   at my local course, i can usually get out on Monday AM right after the Men's Club tees off and get in leisurely round. turn on some music and maybe a beer or two on a warm day and i can just focus on myself and my game.   i am fortunate that when/if i join up with someone else during the...
 i like the Studs and Scrubs here. McNeill is a great punt at that price.
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