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Mechanical engineer working for a large defense contractor designing submarines for the Navy.
Thanks for the info. I was under the impression you needed an attest to post a score for handicap purposes. I just joined a golf course this fall, so I plan on playing in club events as well as some local amateur tournaments. I will have plenty of opportunities to play with "peers", but more times than not it will be solo, especially in the spring before I get established at the course.
I play by myself, or get paired with random people most of the time. None of my friends are as into golf as myself. The only thing I am struggling with, is how do you maintain a handicap playing this way? Do you ask strangers to attest your card? And when you play solo, do you just not count those rounds? I am really trying to maintain to maintain an accurate handicap next year, but it's tough with my playing habits.
Hello everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. I live in eastern ct, and recently joined a golf club this fall. Next year I am hoping to get more serious with the game again. I used to play a good bit of golf in high school, but only played a handful of times in college. Now that I have been out of school for 2 years, I have the time and resources to get back I to it. After playing a lot since September, I am better than I have ever been (7 handicap and dropping), and I...
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