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Anyone game these woods? What's your opinion of them? I'm interested in building a 3 wood. I like how they look.
Dawn and warm water with a firm toothbrush. Dry well after cleaning.
Hands down(good)?
Do the colored grips stay looking good? Wanting some white pure pro or p2 wraps.
How do the older 900 series compare in spin compared to today's models. I have 900 series wedges and wondering if I should upgrade. Thanks!
Please let us know. Glad it's working out for you. Love the Wilson irons. Never hit the fg tours, but hit the v2 and loved them. Great sticks.
Anyone playing these? How are they? How do they play compared to the fg tour wedges? I like how these look. Haven't seen them in person yet. Thanks
Has anyone have any experience with these? Look really nice. How compact are they? I have titleist 710cb and am wondering how the size compares.
I've always felt that my standard length irons may be a little short for me. I did the measurements of wrist to floor and yes I should be using a inch over standard. I was going to reshaft anyway so it's a good time to make the switch. How will this affect distance. Just wondering what kinda increase one inch would make with all other parameters the same? How much of a increase in clubhead speed would a inch make? Thanks for the help!
I currently play 710cb bent 2 degrees flat. I've been trying to swing on a more shallow plane to lower my ball flight. My problem is that my irons aren't flat enough. Anyone go beyond 2 degrees flat. Titleist only recommends 2 degrees. Any suggestions? I feel like I need about 4 degrees flat.
New Posts  All Forums: