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The head golf coach of the college in my town is a member of my club.  He tells all of us that a tailwind will actually knock down our shots and cause them to come up short.  Like others, It's appeared to happen to me at times..  Other times, the wind seemed to help....   I'm surprised there hasn't been an extensive study showing how a tail wind affects a golf ball .  Maybe the 5Sk guys can do this study :).
Based on the reviews of AP, I would have purchased the DVD already; however, Eric (a certified instructor) stated that a majority would not "get" it. Why waste my money if it is probable I'll need to pay more for an actual class at a later date?
  Money isn't the issue.  Without hesitation, I agree that doing it in person would be better than the DVD.  My issue, however, is that I don't want to invest an entire day to attend a seminar (3 hour drive each way).  This time of year, I am usually either already on the road for my 16 y/o's travel volleyball tournament or at the soccer field for my 12 y/o's soccer game.
I asked this before, but I'll try again...Your statements above basically tell me that the DVD will marginally improve my putting, but a session with an instructor would give me the rest of the information/training I'd need. The DVD alone would leave me "thinking" I know how to do it, but I'd be wrong...First, why did you support the DVD to be made when you previously told all of us that it would be impossible to teach this in any other method than in person? I'm...
I have had Aimpoint on my radar for a while, as I've seen enough proof that it really works. There have been many posts in this thread asking if a DVD or book could be used to teach the method. Most of those questions were likely asked by folks like me, who would have to drive a considerable distance to attend an actual Aimpoint class. The response to that question has been an unequivocal NO.Now, a DVD is out on Express. When I go to the website, it never mentions that...
I am engaged and have friends 😜. So, if my fiancée has a computer with a pcmi card slot, it would be easy to transfer the video to her computer? If so, how?Fwiw - I haven't looked up how to transfer data from 4 pin FireWire to pcmi.This is promising, however, as my fiancée bought a new desktop last year!
I guess I'll head over to the thread about the best cameras to use for Evolvr and shop around 😞.
I agree - picking up an old computer just for Evolvr doesn't make sense. And, no, my computer doesn't have a PCMCIA port.Thanks for the advice on not going the DVD burner route. I'd rather spend money on a newer camera than to waste it on a poor attempt to connect an old one.Yeah, my camera is 4 pin. There are 4 pin to USB connectors available, but they are not capable of transferring video.The more I research, the more I think there is no cost effective and quality...
I recently signed up for Evolvr.  I got my Panasonic PV-GS80 video camera out (which uses a mini digital video cassette) to shoot my first video.  This camera can capture videos in very high FPS and would be great for golf swing analysis.  I haven't used the camera in a while.  During the time it's been idle, my old computer crapped out.  To replace the computer, I bought an HP ENVY TouchSmart m6 Sleekbook..  It was fine for what I figured I needed.  Of course, I...
+1. Thanks for posting. I agree that the "lumpy doughnut" makes my last inch comment wrong, but I'm really surprised that folks are saying that watching an actual ball roll near the hole is not that important.@iacas, I would ask you this. Would you make more 8' putts if you watched other balls roll toward the hole, or if you just used Aimpoint?
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