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Anyone able to identify it? It's a purple/plum colored RL/Polo. The color is similar to what Phil wears but understand that's custom made.
I have the same issue. Lefty playing right and I keep the club face open too long past impact. However, I would guess that swingpath is contributing to the ballflight you describe. I would recommend posting a video... Need to do the same myself. As for the release, I'm working on pointing the club at the target/extending arms to the target after impact. I start with short swings and get longer as I feel I have it down. As I said it's still a problem for me so I'm leaving...
Spin your hips open early so they clear out of the way for your swing.
My understanding is that as the hips slide forward and your head stays back your head will move lower without any deliberate effort to move your head towards the ball.
  I agree, but what do you think about the second article that recommends looking at the hole when putting? I think we agree again it's the wrong approach, but even the first articles mentions to "first briefly sight toward the exact spot where they wish to send the ball, and then settle their eyes onto the ball and hold them there."  Better players look at the target after they are already aligned. Are they re-checking alignment or perhaps looking at what they are...
Not trying to be smart here, but close one eye. That should take any eye dominance problems out of the equation.
I read this thread a couple months back and just came across this blog/article... Also NYT, but published in 2010: http://onpar.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/06/27/the-key-to-improved-putting-could-be-staring-right-at-the-hole/ I think both are saying to stare at the hole to allow the brain to process information. I disagree with this older article - a baseball player doesn't focus on the outfield wall when trying to hit a home run. Same could be said in any racket game. I had...
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