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i shot a terrible 92... (50-42), 21+ but it was in the wet so it was ok
yeh i did the exact same thing and got about a 490 drive. it hit that bit of temple rock (with a bit of topspin on it)and just kept goin
i had par... (really had double bogey)
my favourite club changes every week one week its great the next it sucks
i shot 92 in comp... 21+...
why did Cabrera have to win
i have a total of "0" hole in ones
Aaron Baddeley or Geoff Ogilvy
i drove a monster about 30 metres in front of a tree, i summed it up and it was like an 8 iron to the green but 8 would have not gone high enough, so i pulled out a 9 and just smashed it over the tree by centremetres, and just on the front of the green (too bad the pin was at back, and ended up 3 putting )
about 34-42. not a good putter, hoping to improve on that with my new putter
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