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I bought my first set from Walmart, and as they say "when you buy cheap, you pay more". It was my 9 iron that first flew off at the range to the surprise of everyone present. Next was my 8 iron, that flew off in my backyard. Next day, I lost my beloved pitching wedge. However, all of em flew off at impact...not in transition.
"Ridiculously unpredictable" is correct
Excellent points. I considered them all as well. All seems to be well again, I went out for a round today (Bad day with the putter, great day with the driver) and my distances were decent. Seeing as I make little changes to my swing every now and then, I was just afraid I've done ANOTHER damage to my game.
Raven's Claw seems to have a good maintenance crew
It was just weird that I played on Monday and my numbers were accurate, but today's numbers were just off like crazy. Placement accuracy was consistently good. I wanna think fog had a lot to do with it, but I have no proof to back that up   P.S. I was thinking if playing either Raven's Claw or Club at Shannondell when next I end up around that area. I enjoyed my previous experiences at those courses
I live in the northeastern part of the country, so cold weather hangs around here for a while. However, the weather has been relatively nice lately, so I hit the course and played a rather decent round given how often I play (or don't play) this time of the year. My club played true to their distances this time of the year.   I went to the range today (a rather foggy day), and my club distances were very inconsistent despite what seems like clean hits. The alarming...
I was a little apprehensive because the were graphite shafts, but I already put them to work already. They are very good clubs that looks appealing at address.
Yeeeeaaaa....about that. What in da hairy heck was that?
Take away and alignment. Sometimes I just get into a bad zone and my alignment creates doubt in my mind and that instantly kills my take away. When I get tired, my downswing suffers. I generate a lot of hip turn, but once I'm tired I take some lousy downswings
I live in NJ and playing in the fall was a nightmare. I put a tee shot in the fairway (which isn't often enough), and boom, ball lost. I even stopped looking for balls that went into the trees. Dropped shots added about 7 shot to my scores. Nowadays, the cold is messing with my head. I golfed in about 35 degree weather, but I can't do that anymore, I'm not built for that stuff. I'm gonna be in the DC area for a bit so hopefully the weather is better for golfing
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