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I' m a heavy equipment operator. Excavated some of the tees and greens on Lederach golf club... Wish I did more of that kind of work. Sure beats grading roads and house pads.... :)
Cool. I will. I have I get a lot for the clinic. It's 2 hours. I get the charts, notes, log in for the account, and other videos. My putting can really use some help to lower my scores...
Just enrolled in an aimpoint clinic for February 7 in Naples Fl. Can't wait to see results...
Looking at either the titleist or either the mammouth ogio travel bag. Both golf galaxy and golfsmith have neither. I'm traveling to Naples Fl in 3 weeks. Need to decide between the 2. The titleist one is a club glove. I bought all new clubs and bag. I know the samsonite on I have is a cheapie... Any recommendations?
I'm a left handed player and with a left dominant eye. I found that when I'm standing over the ball at address....when I look at the line I want to put on I accidentally open my shoulders. So everytime I put I always pull to the left. It would be right for you righties. I put an alignment stick under my elbows... It help drastically. I had thought that I was always square. Apparently not
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