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I hit every club in my bag well, except for my 3 and 4 iron. Most often I miss those two clubs off the toe, but I hit everything else - Driver, 3-wood, hybrid, etc - flush basically every time. I don't want to get another hybrid because I like the workability of a long iron and went I do hit it flush they're great.   So. Good swing, good shots with everything except 3 and 4 irons which I am hitting off the toe more often than not.   Thoughts? Explanations? Suggestions?
Here is the difference... it's still a pretty new move but it is feeling better. Now that the takeaway has started to solidify a little we are working more on my downswing. I tend to get too narrow with too much lag so doing a pump drill to try and feel my hands staying wider from the top of the backswing. It is frustrating now but I know it will lead to more consistency down the road!
Ok thanks!
I think so?     I mean... maybe just a touch more but my feet are definitely not square.
Regardless of what anyone else has said about my swing on this thread, I have a question. Look at the following three pictures and the part I circled. How do I stop this?? If you compare my swing to almost any pro, they are rotating into the ball of their foot whereas I am kind of spinning and getting into my heel too quickly.         For example, here is Adam Scott:     I would post others but there is no point because they are literally all the...
I went and worked with him last weekend: here is some more video for comparison. chspeed as you can see I am less laid off and more neutral in this swing.     Here is some FO video for you guys to see what I am talking about with the wrist hinge. I have a wide swing arc but when my left arm is parallel to the ground I have about 140 degrees of angle between the shaft and arm, we want that closer to 90. You can see the problem it is causing at the top, at normal speed...
We havent really messed much with the losition at the top of the swing so it is more a function of what we are working on. Over the winter when I was working on elbow spacing I started to get a bit across the line but once I was used to that feeling I started getting into a little more laid off spot, I found I could feel the club staying more in to out through the swing. In the first swing I make a slightly over the top move that we got rid of.
Here is my swing the first time I worked with him in June last year:     Pardon the follow through, I chunked it pretty badly :)   And here is 9 months later, this March:     Obviously there is still a bit to work on but the progress has been amazing.   Currently I am working on getting more wrist hinge in my take away because I have getting too much lag from the top of my swing into the ball and have to time it perfectly to hit the shot I want. Not really a...
Working off my phone at the moment but I will try to get some video up of a change when I get home!
I am working with Brian Mogg and have been for about a year now and I am curious to find out if anyone else on here has worked with him before? Here is a link to his website: http://www.moggacademy.com Before I met him I had worked with a few other people around the seattle area and never found someone I really trusted. Brian has seen the next level that I am trying to reach and knows what it takes to get there and I am already seeing huge benefits from working with him....
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