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        Love this thing so far... played yesterday and rolled in 5 birdies. Nothing but good things to say about it. Sorry for the terrible huge pictures.
Just got mine a few days ago, will post pics soon! I love it so far, played today and made 5 birdies. Rolling it so well.
Hmmmmm.... Thought just occurred to me... Perhaps I am standing a bit too close to the ball so the arms/hands HAVE to work a little outside? I was watching some of my older video where my arms were a little more extended and the hands worked inside naturally.   Regardless, I would still like to here what people have to say about my question above, thanks!
My swing has been feeling pretty solid lately. Off to college soon to start my first college golf season!! Super excited about that.   Anyway, check out the pictures below. I have really started to work with Dan and he wants me to get my hands working more in on the takeaway, which I agree with. I have been trying to figure out what the best way to do this is. Previously I have been thinking to keep the butt of the club attached to my right hip but then my takeaway feels...
Any idea when they are coming out exactly? Will I be able to get my hands on them if I get fitted at Oceanside in October? If they have a glowing review from you then I am super excited about them. Always thought Titleist made really nice stuff.
Someone remind me, when does Titleist normally release clubs to the public? I am headed down to the Oceanside Facility in October... wondering if I could get my hands on these.
I have taken 3 online lessons from Dan Carraher and in every one he has used Robert Rock as a comparison. I have also loved every lesson. If you really want to "model" your swing after Rock then go to Dan's website and sent him a message and tell him what you want to do. I am sure he would be willing to help. 
 Everyone on here is making me nervous about the putter I ordered!! I got it in the black finish and you are freaking me out...
I got fitted for an Edel putter yesterday and I am super excited about it! The process is much like the one described in the other posts. It was generally pretty cool to learn about the tech and process behind the fitting and all that good stuff. The main reason I am posting is because there was one part of the fitting that differed from everything I have read and I want to get other Edel users opinions. When we first did the whole laser thing and determined that my...
Are you saying that I should give more time in reference to the shoulder plane or the shaft along the toe line?
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