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Rory McIlroy (-7) Marc Leishman (-6) Gary Woodland (-6)
Many thanks for your recommendations. G15/20 and 910D2 seems interesting.
Just like the title says. I'm looking for a classic driver, with 460 cc head, quite easy to hit, something that 3-7 years old, cost about $100 or less, just for a backup or traveling set. Thinking about Ping G/I-series, Titleist 909/905 or Callaway. Any good ideas?
  With all due respect, for me, a cavity back is like a condom. It just doesn't feel the same. You won't get the "orgasmic" feel and feedback on cavity back either. :)
  Yeah, I just wondering why some of them still use cavity back/game improvement irons. I thought pro players supposed to play classic blades. :)
Sorry for this stupid question.   I was just curious. I believe that tour players can hit whatever clubs (from cavity backs to pure blades) given to them in any condition.   But why even the best players in the world appreciate a little more forgiveness?
  Just curious, which one is more forgiving, MP60/62 versus MP 33/69?
  Alex Jansen (Big Bang Theory) aka Margo Harshman. Smart and supercute!  
  Emma Watson. Will you marry me?
Not sure if this is the right place for this question but nonetheless.   I was just curious, does age really that matter in golf? Is there any chance for someone who started playing golf in the late stage during his/her life (i.e. mid 20s/30s) to win PGA? Most of top players, as far as I know, started playing golf since he/she was child. But most of us don't have such privileges like that.   How long did it take to turn yourself from newbie/amateur into a pro?...
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