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After todays round, i think ive finally dulled down my horrific slice  Hit 8/13 fairways, 3 were just off the fairway, 2 were sliced. Very pleased with that effort. And with the better FIR % i managed to hit more GIR which resulted in a 6 over 74 at my home course, a new best for me. Have purchased some TM R7 irons that are going to be here next week so i can only hope i will consistently hit sub 80 scores from here on in  2013 certainly shaping up to be a good...
Played a casual 18 this afternoon, shooting 10 over 78. No birdies unfortunately (2 lipped out). FIR for me is on the up which is great to see. Short game is pretty well honed in so heres hoping my hcp can drop another couple of digits in the next 6 months.
60* Lob Wedge. Boy that club gets me out of trouble from anywhere on the course...
Just shot a 78 (10 over) on a rather windy course which was great. Managed a few pars and a birdie on the back 9 with the wind to keep things in check. FIR was up around 50-60% which on a windy day is good for me. The goal of a single digit handicap certainly looks achievable.
Would the weight transfer be something that could be affecting my slight slice off the drive? Also, distance wise I'm around the 230-240metre (250-260yards) range. But with a decent swing and strike I've driven 300 yards on a few occasions. That was going balls out with my swing and connected well which only happens about 5% of the time.
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ 5 years total. Just restarted after 3 years off. My current handicap index or average score is: 15 (pending) My typical ball flight is: High and fading slightly. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Wayward slice 40% when driving.   Hey guys, was just out hitting a few balls into the net i just bought and decided to try a quick video of my swing. Its not the best quality but will endeavor to get...
Nice going mate.  Getting a constant score under 100 and you will strive to do better. Keep up the good work and keep us updated. Always enjoy seeing the higher scoring players post that they're lowering their scores 
Just ducked out for a quick 9 holes after work. Decided to take onboard some tips ive read off these forums to help with driving accuracy and boy i wish i slowed my drive swing down a bit more often.  Ending up hitting the ball only 10-15m shorter but far, far straighter. Even into a headwind which is a massive new logic to me haha. Ended up shooting 5 over par for 9 holes which is very efficient for me just getting back into the swing of things. Cant wait to...
My basic function for the net is to obtain a decent technique for my drives. I'm not fussed about ball flight yet as I kinda know when I've hit a good one. I don't have a driving range anywhere nearby which sucks so this is my best bet. I'm hoping to upload a few vids on here for critique and hope to start hitting straighter/better when I get to the course to put it all into practice.
At present, roughly 3 hours a week practice with 2+ rounds total during the week and/or weekend. Currently getting used to a new putter so im in constant putt putt mode, indoor and out lol.
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