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Jakester23, AWESOME!!!! Thanks for joining our team and giving your initial thoughts.  PULL THE PIN!
Awesome!! Thanks for the update. #pulltepin
Great. thanks again for the feedback.. Its always helpful.
Got it...Yea they are 100% made in USA from military grade materials. I try to keep the price fair for how great the quality is.  Thanks again.
Dave, What do you think of the price on the new head covers?
Dave2512, Good news. The hats are in stock. I just updated the website to reflect that!
Thanks for the support! Excited about the new hand made head covers!  And yes...ill cross my fingers for less snow!
Great to hear! Thanks again for the feedback. Glad to have you on the team. Let me know if you need anything else. 
Thanks for the feedback! Prepare yourself when you catch one clean! Thanks again. Sully
Have fun with it! Let the Grenade do the work.
New Posts  All Forums: