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Was just at the PGA Super Store in Englewood, CO.  They have last years Srixon Z Stars on sale for $19.99.  I picked up five dozen!! I haven't checked the website or know if any of the other stores have that same deal.  But good news for those of you in Denver!!!
Cool, thank you all for the quick replies.  
I was playing at Highland Hills in Greeley, CO yesterday.  Most of the fairways run up and down parallel to one another.  On the 18th hole there is a dogleg right that I was trying to cut a little with a fade.  In the corner of that dogleg is the green for some other hole.  I ended up slicing my fade and it landed on the fringe of the green on that other hole.  I wasn't going to take a full 160 yard shot from the fringe of another green, so I took two club lengths back...
        Quote: I don't know how the sims were, as this is only my second season playing on one.  But they aren't that bad now.  The only thing is you always have a perfect lie every time and trying to shoot 40 to 80 yard shots can be difficult at times, because the flight of the ball is so steep it doesn't clear the second set of sensors, but you get used to it and learn where to shoot certain shots from inside the sim so they will register.  Like I said before, it's a...
 You have to keep that bag under 50lbs or you get charged even more for it.  I have a Samsonite hard case that I bought from Dicks for around $120 or so.  I like it because it has wheels where you can drag it behind you and it also has wheels where you can push it around upright.  The upright wheels come in handy when checking in.  I've only used it twice and packed my older set with a Callaway warbird stand bag.  I put a pair of golf shoes in there and had plenty of golf...
I think a league with people you work with is going to be more social than other leagues.  You're most likely going to be talking shop while you're playing.  Guys sucking up for thier next promotion ect.  If you voiced your concern and nothing happened I think you either have to just deal with it or find another league.  Did you try talking to the individuals that are gulty directly?
 You can get a bucket and put some dish soap and warm water in it, you only need a little bit of soap.  Let the club heads saok in the bucket for five or ten minutes, then whipe clean with a wet towel.  Then I rinse mine off in another bucket with clean water in it.  Then I dry with a towel.  Anything I'm going to put a head cover on, like the club you posted a picture of, I'm going to leave out over night or for atleast a few hours to make sure it's dry before I put the...
 Just wait for next winter!  If it's shitty I'll take the blame! lol I will be living in Greeley, so not much farther north than Brighton.  There is a PGA SS in or near Parker now?!?!? Thanks for the tip on Erie, that's not too far.  I will have to check it out!
Just adds character to the club!  Don't worry about what your clubs look like.  Take care of them and keep them clean, but don't sweat the scratches and dings, it's normal and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.  Unless you wanted to tape up the sole of your clubs all the time, then they would look even worse!
 I'm from CO, Lived there for 28 years.  I used to live next to the Pinery Country club in Parker as a kid.  I remembered it being closed in the winter no matter what the weater.  So I just assumed all the courses closed.  So that's an option next winter!  Knowing my luck we'll get a freak blizzard in Nov or something and the snow will hang around all winter next year! lol
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