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If you like a tacky feel and may need some moisture management than have a look at Lamkin UTX, they address both issues.
Quality, consistency, sound and especially the feel of a well struck ball is why I chose the JPX-800 PRO irons.
Yes, I always play better with better players.
You can't fix stupid...................
Enjoy the opportunity of meeting new golfers, play your game and have fun!
Yep, I agree with the above poster. I have looked at a lot of the hard "shell" travel bags and settled for the Ping soft sided bag using the adjustable metal pole shock protector that you set a little taller than your driver. I have used this four times now and have had no issues at all. The Ping bag has two wheels for pulling it but, also has four wheels on the bottom so you can just push it along at the airport etc. If you have other luggage and kids, just pushing the...
Congrats, great way to end the year...........it's a great game!
Please don't feed the Trolls.....
Can't really comment as the posted photos are out of focus.
Beware the "experienced" golfer who has the beat up bag with the dirty, crusty towel attached, the old set of woods and irons that you do not recognize, BUT, has a fresh new set of grips on them!   He or she will kick your a** every time.
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