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Lol. A conversation at the 19th hole went this way for a little while the other day.
I'm a big fan and he definitely moves up a tier. In interviews he comes across as level headed and somebody who enjoys the game a lot. Great role model. Hard to come up with anything bad to say about him.
Bogey train.
Love doing 36. Usually at the same course cause replays are less expensive. Favorite was Torrey Pines. Hit the north at 6 am . South at about 12:30. Got outta there around 6 ish and was literally on a golf high.
Did'nt want to click on this one because I could sense agony. To my surprise getting quite the chuckle. Bought a brand new box of srixons and just could'nt wait to try em. First one,first tee,skyshot into the lake.Sure enough lost 3 in the round.
At my age im adjusting every round anyway. Knee ,shoulder and tennis elbow recently. None are extreme injuries but whats weird is their never all hurting at once.Hopefully never will.Advil,aspercreme,icy hot ,couple of beers and a lil whiskey occasionally make it a lil better .
Two. 50 ft putt went down from off the green or my second shot on a par 5 with a 3w that went 260yds. 3w is my most feared club in the bag and it felt,sounded amazing.
Man feelin you guys pain...shoulder was all healed I thought and dove into the pool recently and it instantly injured it worst than before. Was in shock and all I could think about was my golf game. Hit the first tee a couple days later and it was useless. Just could'nt stop tho. Couple beers later and a birdie on a par 5 and feelin no pain. Until the next day...playin st. Andrews on tw masters till the weekend to get my fix .
Thanks. People in the group said I had to hit it.
This was my predicament a few weeks ago at a tourney. Nobody seemed to know the ruling on this.
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