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The harder you try ,the worse it gets.
I would never say fairway metal in person . Heard it on mcginnis and katrek and they even had a discussion about saying it. It really sounds douchy.
Buzz Killington lol Story from a guy who ,knowing him ,I can believe.He s always peeing everywhere ,had to relieve himself really bad and is on the green. Takes a knee to get his ball out of the cup,lifts his shorts and goes. Disgusting but funny.
It is a great feeling and sound when you hit a fairway metal right. 318 yd par 4. Carried it 275 with my driver(with the wind of course), kept rolling to about 7 feet from the hole. Now I know the feeling Bubba gets when he does that.😀. Missed the eagle putt.
Yes, had mud hit me in the face and eye.Never on a course but at the range for some reason.
Also ,would like to purchase a round for some military personnel. Probably not possible on GN though.
^ That's pretty cool. Any out of town road trip is kind of a big deal to me. You really want to elevate your game .
8 irons my go to from 150.All of the others vary really. Even with horrible contact a lot of my shots work out decent, to my surprise.
Only been to one. The last Woods tourney at Sherwood. Can't wait to get to the next one. The ultimate would be the Masters . Planning on hitting Riviera,Pebble and Torrey asap.
I may be conning myself in my 5 yr plan in this sport.Breaking 80 was the main one but what I get out of it is awesome to me. It seems like a tranquil,controlled sport on the outside but total chaos in the ring.
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