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Sure...go demo the R1 and demo other drivers too.  Low spin, unforgiving drivers are probably not the best fit for most of us but go see for yourself.   Personally, I wouldn't want to buy a club that I thought was ugly, but that's just one guys opinion.
I tried out the XL 3wood today at Roger Dunn and I think it's going to be my next purchase.  Love the feel of this club!    At first glance, the deep face concerned me...wasn't sure how I'd hit it off the deck.  I hit about a dozen shots in the hitting bay (which is a pretty tight lie) and it was one towering shot after another with a slight draw.  It seems to be much more forgiving than my 8 year old 904f.   The head seems to have some extra heft and I really...
I'm also disappointed in Haney's teaching methods.  I understand that this is basically a "reality" show with tidbits of golf instruction thown in, but watching Phelps swing at full speed to the point of exhaustion probably doesn't help him, and I certainly don't get anything out of it.   Like Erik said, hopefully there is a lot more "teaching" going on but the producers prefer to show us swimming footage and talk show clips.   Phelps should easily reach his goal...
    1. These are the top 20 according to Greenskeeper.org.  My favorites are: Classic Club (tough) and Indian Canyons South (easy),     Indian Wells Golf Resort (Celebrity) - $$$$ Green Fee Worth:         9.51 Immaculate Customer Service:...
The marine isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and he knows it.  What a bonehead move in the blackjack game.
We don't enforce it if it is cold outside.
I'd take 210 yds in the middle of the fairway every time.  If i'm playing from the white tees, I will hit a lot of GIR's from this position and my scores would improve.
There is a new, 2011 Bridgestone e5 ball...I just picked up a dozen today. It is different from previous versions in that it has a dual dimple design.  Just like your Top Flight Gamer!   Here is a link to more info on the ball from Bridgestone:  http://www.bridgestonegolf.com/product/balls/e5    I've always liked the e5 balls; higher ball flight and a bit more distance off the tee for me with decent greenside spin.
I'm an 11.2 handicap and shot a 98 last week (difficult course and longer than I usually play (6700yds)). I will shoot in the 90's more frequently than I break 80.    You are normal.
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