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My putting is a strong point of my game. And it is still improving. But knowing when I am making poor contact may assist me in my progress. Everybody says the difference in feel is noticeable. Worth a try.
At my level, mid to high 70's, I doubt that it matters a lot. Perhaps for anyone?? The triangular, 3 prong head does look like it minimizes contact. It's a cheap investment, and by using white shorts and pink longs, I have consistency when looking for my tee. It keeps my routine familiar, simple, consistent.
Thanks. Yeah, from what I can tell, it is the ONLY shaft that would work. The only actual installs on Cameron putters I have seen though were not OTH. I've inquired with one supplier, so hopefully I will hear back from them early next week. I'll use a heat gun to remove the original shaft, removing it with no damage. so if things don't work out, I can always reinstall it. But the And their supporters are up in arms wanting them to kick I use from GolfSmith is an...
I bought some SpeedBlades a few months back and love them. But rather than Stiff flex soft-stepped NS Pro 950GH shafts I put in Regular flex hard-stepped NS Pro 950 GH HT shafts. These work great for me. Broke 80 for the first time after using them a couple of months and do so rather frequently now.
Went for Zero Friction tees but no luck. So bought some substitutes, a couple of golf shirts, and a Callaway X2 Hot+ hat.
Am considering putting this shaft in my Newport 1.5. Have never changed a putter shaft, so wanted to make sure that the .395" OTH shaft would fit my Newport. Any other feedback on this change, either expectations or ibstallation wise, would be aporeciated.
In the US I guess I felt a bit more connected to the game. And I feel connected to the courses I play the most, trying to maintain them as much as possible. But here the combination of almost no effort to repair ball marks, local rules placing OB markers SOLELY to increase profits by speeding up play thus allowing yet more golfers into the course, and OB from the tee areas consistently 'requiring' dropping from a drop zone and playing 4 (something dedicated golfers...
Sorry, but that evolved into a rant due to inconsiderate golfers.I move my ball if a minor change of distance results in a much cleaner line. I generally repair the marks anyway, but not with the degree of care I would take with a mark my ball made that was a couple of inches along my line. (A minor bump so early in the roll increases the error.)As for not moving the ball, if it is a sprinkler head where I want my ball to pass over, that's my problem.
Yes, but many of the rules are simply to provide consistent situations on the course for professionals. If I have a 30' putt and there are several ball marks on the first few feet of my putt that can be avoided by moving my ball 6" to one side, leaving me with the same putt, the ball gets moved. If my ball is near the edge of the green and a sprinkler head me requires me to use a wedge rather than my desired putter, and the same 6" takes the sprinkler out of play, I do...
This is just conjecture mixed with wishful thinking, but I think it's possible. As others have said, his putting needs to get back on track, but that should be doable in spite of his injuries. Injuries are a big question though when it comes to other aspects of his game. But I'm just not sure the desire, fire and most of all the confidence, is still there. Maybe it is the bad publicity. Or to a degree resting on his laurels. So it's pissible, but questionable.
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