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I'm also a beginner but I research alot. Your clubs can be extended later for a small price. Here in Houston Texas, about $15-20/club including a new grip. Basically $7 more than just a grip. I can't speak for other manufacturers but I've been told that Ping can change the lie 2* and they will also change the dot color when they do it. I am about your size and I play white dots like another member said. The ping fitting process is very simple. Once again, I cannot speak...
Ping I3's $100
I'm in a similar situation. I'm 6'1" and started playing in July. I bought all of my original equipment on craigslist for a fraction of the new cost. Ping I3 OS irons, white dot fit me perfectly. Cobra S3 driver, adjustable and one of the most forgiving drivers available $60. Ping Hoover stand bag $60. Putter is the only thing I bought new. Find clubs and read reviews on them before buying. Just my $.02 worth.
I'm a relatively new golfer and a HUGE Ping fan but I have had great success with a Cobra S3 that I bought used for $60. Read the reviews on this driver. It has an adjustable head and can be found online at globalgolf for $60-75. If you insist on Ping look for a K15.
Check craigslist
To the OP, I notice you are in Dallas. I bought a Viper Cobra bass boat from Affordable Boats in Wylie. It is a report dealer and I got an awesome deal, and an overall great experience from them. There is also another repo dealer south of Houston, in Dickinson (my area), called American Yacht Sales. Buying new sounds goose, but I highly recommend checking out these two places to save ALOT of $$$$. For instance, I bought mine for 1/3 less than loan value, almost 1/2 market...
CRAIGSLIST........ I bought a clicgear 3.0 for $100 with the plastic still on it. This may be the wrong time of year though. I bought mine in January.
I buy balls off craigslist for $2/doz. Most every brand/line is included......
FWIW, I am a beginner golfer and I buy used balls on craigslist for $2/doz. This does two things for me. First, I don't waste a ton of $$ on balls sent to the woods/water, AND I can take chances with my ability. Two, I can survey all types of balls. Typically, if I use really high end balls, Prov1 Prov1x etc., I slice it. I have done better with Nike Crush, MOJO, Noodles, and Wilson Staff. Yesterday I played about 13 holes (probably a record for me) with one Srixon ball,...
Does a fitting typically have a charge if not buying new clubs?
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