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My iPhone camera. Don't need to see something in slow mo if I know what I'm working on. And tour sticks, helps me with alignment and hips turning too fast and right hip moving in!
I've got a gapping booked in a few days time, launch monitor etc... 1) What should I expect? 2) Just hit every club and walk away with the yardages, or should I hit half swings, draws/fades, high/low? 3) Can I make a credit card sized yardage chart that tells me how far I hit each club, and take that in my bag when I play in competitions? 4) Take every club I own, or the clubs in my bag at the moment? Thanks guys
Had a lesson yesterday, got two things to work on from my coach - longer back swing and quieter bottom half. After probably 5 hours hitting balls on the range, I'm almost there. School holidays, so got two weeks of golf, maybe 6 hours a day. Normally it takes about 3 months, but I hope to have this sorted by the end of the holidays.
Taylormade Penta TP5. Those of you thinking why is a 25 handicapper playing a premium ball, my home course doesn't have any water or forest, and the only thing holding me back is the fact I'm a junior so I don't hit the ball very far. Back to the ball though, it's brilliant, and I love the amount of spin, not too much like Pro V1s.
Please put your preferences of major golf manufactures in the following categories: Category               Liked Most       Runner-up         Comments Drivers              Ping.                  Taylormade.      Fairway Woods Taylormade.      Callaway.          RBZ is just wow! Hybrids             Titleist.               Callaway.          Don't like all the deep face stuff from TM Irons                  Taylormade.      Titleist.            ...
Chipping. Got a new style of chipping and haven't mastered it yet. Have no idea what the ball is going to do round the greens any more... Oh, and those really annoying four footers, would be nice to hole 9/10 of those!
I almost always play by myself, helps you concentrate on what you need to concentrate on, and you can play at your own pace without worrying about playing partners getting stressed because you're too slow/too fast.
New Posts  All Forums: