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That's not as bad as the foursomes who hit 8 balls. It's not a driving range.
I think small heads just make me focus. A good player will just say "focus like that on every shot", but it just doesn't happen.
We are all optimists. We could all go to ten golf shops and hit in ten simulators, hitting a 180-yard 7-iron on only one, and that's the fitting we will order.
Some places will have a 9-hole men's league one night a week after work. That's a good way to get lined up for weekend golf. Guys are always looking for a reliable 4th.
Congrats, and welcome to the club.
I select golf balls by short game and putting performance. From the tee I might as well hit a pinnacle. On the green the prov1x is the best for me.
I use the blade PW from my Titleist set with every set of irons I have. I had my ace with that club, so it gets lots of love.
Every time I went to a golf shop between 1998 and 2003 I found a 975D with an x100 shaft in like new condition sitting in the used bin. The typical story from the salesman was that some guy ordered it and then traded it in after a week or two.
A few years ago I had a Ping G15 driver finally kick my 975j out of my bag. Since then I've been steadily losing distance on my drives and all of my other clubs. I use to be fairly long with the driver. Maybe not "Internet" long, but I was swinging about 107 and getting 250-260 on average and some bombs out to 275+. I attributed my distance loss to being 44 years old and lack of flexibility. I've also had some back trouble. My distance loss came to a head when I...
Any local golf shoppe should have a used bin with a good assortment of clubs. Today at my local, I saw a set of RAC LT's for $130, an R7 460 for $70, plenty of good, cheap FW's, hybrids and wedges. I picked up a $29 Ping putter.
New Posts  All Forums: