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I guess it depends on where you will play that day. I used to carry 16 or so clubs in the car and adjust depending on the course. At my home course I can go a season without hitting my 3-iron. On some other courses I didn't need any fairway woods.
RBZ Stage 2 looks like my old 975j from address. Mucho confidence.
Kettle bells. Check on YouTube for kettle bell workouts for golf.
This.When I was a beginner, I would occasionally tag one with my driver, but more often than not it got me in trouble. I couldn't really hit the 3 much better, but I could stripe a 5-wood 220 yards and in play nearly every time.Until you can hit the driver and 3-wood consistently, I would recommend not carrying any club with a number lower than 5, whether irons or woods.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Golf club sales dood probably tells everyone that because he wants to get back to his smoke break.
I count on finding 2 or 3 nice prov1's on the course every time I go out, so I recommend everyone buy those instead of the golf course logo slazengers.
TM has always jacked up lofts and made shafts softer than advertised. When I started playing, I had a set of Supersteels that were long as snot. Probably a club and a half through the set.
I game a set of those. They are great irons, but you should be hitting the center I the clubface to make them work. Put some impact tape on your irons and hit 10-20 balls. If you see more blue than white, they probably aren't for you.
I use to find tour issued stuff in the used section at 2nd Swing and Golf Galaxy in the Twin Cities. Same price as retail and I would flip them for an easy profit.
In Virginia and MD, the course are open unless there is snow in the ground. Compass Pointe in Pasadena, MD is a really good winter golf experience. It's in good shape and they don't do winter tees.
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