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 I agree. Thanks for the site. 
 X300 ... thats Extra Stiff.. X300 are like Extra Stiff Shafts on Steroids
Hey everybody.   I currently have 712 AP1 Irons 5-PW (regular shaft) .. Also, KZG ZO Blades 3-PW (x300 shafts)   I hit both very well. 8 handicap. Don't ask but sometimes I swing lazy with AP1 than the Blades.. stupid. I know.      Anyhow. I am 'need' stiff shaft, weird I ended up with extreme on both ends. I swing between 105-109mph with driver.   I have a 910 Titliest Driver, Fujikura ProSpeedr 60 Stiff Shaft (love it)    Should I sell both sets, get my...
wow thats awesome to know. I googled some stuff but some places said they werent so I got worried. But I trust you guys so im looking forward to receiving it, thanks for all the input!!!
I think 910 uses the .335? .. how hard is it to swap adapters if need be?   Ebay has the adapters for like 15$-20$
Hey guys,   So I wanted to buy a new shaft for my driver. I won the Fujikura Tour Pro 63 for my Titliest 910 ..    Problem.. the tip is for a 913! ..    Advice? Opinions?  ......
I've been playing serious for about 3-4yrs, I learned the short game and decent putting was the secret code to shooting low. Getting a sweet string of pars will keep your confidence up. I first shot a 78 when I broke 80, my friends didnt tell me if I par the last two holes i'd get a 78, low and behold I did just that infact missed a short birdie on a par 5 18 and shot 78, i remember it and cherish it like yesterday. Ended up shooting my next 4 rounds in the 70's cause I...
Swing speed with 6iron was right around 80? if I remember my last visit to Golfsmith, with the Driver was high 90's-100. The X100 my instructor mentioned is a rare shaft, he said its customed and special ordered. I wouldnt really know. They just happen to be on the clubs which i dont mind cause sometimes stiff can be more control but it can also prevent the shaft from closing the face...more or less depending on the swing.
Yoooooooooooooo! whats up guys, so after creeping this site for over a year i feel like id like to participate in some of the talk, i personally feel this is one of the better golf forums, i do alot of searching through old threads and so much awesome info, honestly.    So I have AP1 712, 5-PW, midsize grip, standard lofts, bent to my needs.. I used to suck, and now im an 8 handicap in a few short years, and ALLLOOOOOOOT of dedication, now all my friends think i have...
first of all, thanks for replying.   second, I agree with you .. it is too much around the body right?.. I dont realize it .. but after this I see it, sometimes Its high and pretty... sometimes it's almost 'thin' and its low..    any advice or ..
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