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I am playing Noodle Long & Soft.  Like em'
New golfer (appx. 8 months) I have a set of Ping K-15 irons with regular flex graphite shafts. I am 6'4" and have very long arms.  I feel uncomfortably hunched.  I need advice on what shafts, what material and how long?   Thanks.
I played with two nice guys yesterday and we all shot poorly. The majority of their 2nd shots were from the WRONG fairway. I shot a 100 and asked them "what did you guys shoot?"... They both said 81.  LOL- I think they don't count all the "nevermind, I'll drop a ball here" strokes. WOW>
I played 18 in the cold'ish 42* yesterday.  I shot 100.  I could not drive or putt.
You will improve as you play and learn more. Keep it fun and the scores will drop off.  I am a new golfer and shot in the 125-130 range 3 months ago.  I am now in the high 90's.
Thanks for the input. I didn't know that 2* was the limit.  I do open the face when I need more loft. I do better with bump & runs anyways... I'll just keep things as they are. Thank you again guys.
I play Ping K15 irons and the set has 4 wedges. PW, SW, LW and Utility W.  I don't play the Utility.  My brother has a 64* wedge and it's really handy.   Should I have it bent from 56* to the 64*? The distances I play these are: PW- 120'ish SW- 100'ish Lob- 80'ish
I am completely obsessed/ consumed with golf lately but have always felt that watching golf was proposterous.  I don't feel like that anymore of course. That being said....   I'm enjoying the WM tourney very much and I don't see how ratings and a broader array of enthusiasts could be a bad thing for any sport. What am I missing?
Eagle Ridge GC in Raleigh,NC yesterday.  I hit a 307yd drive perfectly straight down the fairway.  It was the high point of my day.
New Posts  All Forums: