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a pair of SNAKE EYES golf mits (over my golf gloves) and a mini- golf towel with club scrubber attached.
This new bag has given me no issues.  I don't put it in the back seat because it leaves marks on the leather (khaki in color) and it's too visible for thieves. I no longer consider this an issue. Thanks for the input all.
exactly verbatim as I would have said I play/swing
LOL @ the creative troll.  This thread is one of the more interesting I've read in my few weeks here. :) No offense to the technically loaded conundrums of form, posture, balance etc... posters.   To answer you "patrick"-  I think Golf would be easier learned if people viewed it as "playing a game or having fun "skiing" instead of "I have to F'ing get this swing perfect or I'll never ever be great..... swing.... AAaaaarrrghgggghhhh F!!!!!!"   Just my opinion. 
This is my second set.  I bought a set of Spaldings in 99' when I worked at Pine Hollow GC in Clayton, NC.  I haven't played since then (until 3 mos ago) so I have put together this set for under $300 and they all have graphite shafts   Driver- Adams Speedline 10.5 with ALOLA RIP graph shaft. Strong 3- Adams Tight Lies  Strong 7- Adams Tight Lies   Hybrid Irons 3-5-  Adams IDEA  6-9 irons-  Ping K15's PW,SW,LW, UW- Ping K15's  (I alternate one wedge...
Saved LOL....   My best tip is to "have fun and don't overthink it"
Nothing but success with GOLFSMITH.  I won't even go into a Dick's Sporting goods anymore.
Wow!  That looks like something out of BrookStone LOL. Very interesting though.
It's always "fun" changing your swing, stance or ball position. Good luck with your endeavour. I recently changed my drive and gained (no lie) about 25 yards and it goes straight instead of a fade right.
Cool. what's the cost?   I have written "I'm Lost" on balls before... I would post a pic but I lost them. :)
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