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Which muscles are the best to work out specifically for the golf swing? Ive heard lats, hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings.
how is your handicap 10 with 68% GIR over 50% and 280 into fairways and only 29 putts per round? you must have one or 2 blow up holes per round. if so, you could get rid of those and youd be shooting in the mid to low single digit handicaps.
haha well i can say that dont know all that much about changing golf equipment, i got these irons about 3 months ago and they were the new set i had ever gotten besides the old, used clubs i started out with. as far as the shafts go the project x are the ones that i was going to get, i hear alot of people here talking about how good they are. i got my x forged irons off the internet and they had true temper gold s300 steel shafts.
i only make quick fixes if i need them, otherwise ill just work with whatever i have that day.
I have Callaway X Forged steel shafted irons, and was wondering if getting them reshafted with a different steel shaft would hurt their performance. I thought I heard somewhere that after you reshaft a club it doesn't do as well as before.
I think clubhead speed is important. Not as important as being able to consistently hit the ball accurately, but the thing about using the 3:1 ratio is that it helps your consistency and accuracy as well. When your using the same tempo everytime your chances of repeating your shots is alot better, and when that tempo has the right timing and speed your accuracy and distance will improve as a result. You dont have to hit it far to score well but its alot easier to score...
I heard them saying on the golf channel that even with tour cards you need sponsers exemptions to get in tournaments, so I was just wondering if getting your tour card from q-school, nationwide, top 125 on money list got you into all the non limited field/major tournaments.
Just wondering what the differences were and also what other type of drivers do these sort of hit like?
try to grip the club more in your fingers and not so much in the palms.
i think i was getting my lower body too involved. i worked on it today and was alot better than it has been lately. still hit a few fat every now and then but it was only 2-3/10 instead of 7-8/10.
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