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At the PGA store in Paramus I bought Taylormade RBZ driver, 3 and 5 wood, hit them great in the store with the video monitor, more distance than my present clubs and more forgiving, we shall see on the real coarse
in anticipating global warming not getting here fast enough I bought a pair of Foot Joy 32° winter gloves and another dozen Tour C4 golf balls from Master Grip
A tour c4 was given to me by a guy I was paired up with on vacation. Feels just like the Pro v1. I am not the greatest golfer under the sun. I bought a dozen and gave a couple to my son the serious golfer (3 handicap) and he is now ordering for himself. As for the $12.00 dozen balls I could not tell you any thing about them, but the c4's I will use them from now on at half the price of Pro v"s
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