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Was hoping someone could help me find out who attempted and results from these Monday qualifiers. I can never find it, the australianpga site is awesome it has everything and easy to find, not so good on pgatour website.
Ok so they turned up from China(bad sign number 1) unwrap go to driving range 3rd swing with sand wedge something flies off(bad sign number 2) feel alright though. First swing with 8 iron something flies off (bad sign number 3) both things that flew off were the ping label that was just glued and glued poorly. After my first round with them and shooting 78 with only one fairway hit. To say im happy is an understatement. They hit good. So yes I love my new f20's. Would I...
thanks. point taken.
True but if they arent really pings or the brand you choose, how can you have confidence that they have that greater sweet spot or other features. surely its just like buying generic club. Your right though I will definately try them and if I cant tell then yeah no dramas. But your wrong when you say shoot par thats always my goal, but theres a thing called the top two inches and I cant buy anything for that. lol. I have had several chances ie even playing the last, 3...
I know its funny, but why be proud I tried the i20's and the truth is I have always struggled with irons. In a perfect scenario I would prefer a mixed set of 3-7 g20 and 8-pw in i20. I just need to get in on the green. I know plenty of show ponies who use a nice blade and then hit it like a donkey. I would prefer to look the a donkey and score like a stallion. Cheers.
The Old adage if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! Is coming back to bite me. I recently purchased some Ping G20 with australiagolfonline. The price was great and to tell the truth I hadnt even been into a store to compare, I snapped them up as there sale period was ending. Then with a puffed up chest I tell my mates, only to be warned of conterfeit products, the site looks professional and so I decided to do research. (a little late I know) email Ping they...
Thats all good but its a joke as I have johnson and stricker on bench try to add them to starting line up for the bonus points(assuming they top 3) yet its got the Sony open players open. So stricker not playing (weird). GRRRRRRRR
No worries just got in!  Lol now ur all in trouble.
Hey I know im late but why cant you strech to 50. Fields full and the winner is waitng to join. Cheers
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