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Cheering is part of golf. Ever watch it on TV?
I find it hard to believe this is still a topic of conversation... Someone's a bit of a Drama Queen!
Everyone has a cell phone, so everyone is a potential new customer to apple. Golf doesn't have hooks into the masses, they are trying to draw people in. There is no similarity between the 2.
Except in this case, you are trying to attract new consumers to an industry, not existing consumers toward a product.
Wow... that took balls. Coming out will definitely affect his draft position and his career... for better or worse. Smart to do it now though, teams know the controversy they're drafting, and teammates aren't in the dark. Could be a steal if he drops down past his projected slot!
I'm there with you. Offseason I spend chipping and putting, allowing me to forget the bad things that crept into my swing last season so I can start fresh in April! WTF is a fear boner?
I, Matthew A. Seiff, hereby pledge to create one or more Golfers in 2014.
Rav 4. I'm on my second, and if you can get run flat tires there's a compartment beneath the trunk for shoes, etc.
Can I call you Barney?
Band of Gypsys
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