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That second step is a doozie!
Why not build an adult "executive" par 3 course with different par totals for different ages? It's the same thing, you're just allowing the family to play together. There's a par 3 in my area that caters to kids learning, and I plan on taking my kids out as soon as they're old enough.
Did I catch a 9er in there?
I don't see a problem with it...
That is pretty crazy. Definitely adds strokes...
I'm in the same boat and have concluded to take break out and play them firmer... we'll see how that goes tomorrow!
He has to be player B... if he was player A there would be better justification to giving B an ultimatum. They're clearly not good friends... or this wouldn't be a forum topic and he would've told his friend he's being a jerk... no polling needed!
Wanna hit IHOP?
Schooled! O esquela'd!!!?
Way to candy coat it!
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