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Thanks Chiral, do you think having the feeling of "hands higher" on the backswing could accomplish getting a steeper shoulder turn? I agree that I am much too flat and this is resulting in much bigger draws than I want. Right now my stock shot is producing about a 10-15 yard draw and I'd like to tighten that up and get it down to 5 yards if possible.
Here's a little update. Coming a lot more in to out now, usually between 3*-5* in to out according to this simulator. Worked on my setup standing a little further from the ball and weight more in the middle of my feet rather than out on the toes. My driver woes have been cured since I first posted with improvements and installing a heavier shaft and I am now working on maintaining consistency with both the driver and irons. Still working on shortening that backswing...I...
Try to get a video up, the slideshow is pretty cool though. Looks like you have a very nice swing. One thing that I notice is that it seems like your head might be moving around a little bit, check this link out for steady head drill (key #1) http://thesandtrap.com/t/61376/5sk-video-thread/36#post_806958
Here is my thought process before any swing:         (blank mind)
I like your swing a lot. It has some great elements that I think give you a lot of potential. The setup and tempo are awesome in my opinion. It looks like you have great flexibility too. While I'm not a low handicap or anything, I see a few small things you might work on.   A couple things I could add, that I have had problems with myself. The picture illustrates both of these points:         1. At the top of the backswing, you have a little too much...
Just hit your grandfather's clubs, take them to the range, play a round with them. If you like them better and you play better with them than your r7's, then keep using your grandfather's. It doesn't matter what classification the shaft falls into if you play better or like them better. 
I live in Minnesota...don't even get me started on the snow. We finally got a snowblower a couple winters ago, don't know how we ever got along without it.
I totally empathize with you on playing worse on the range than on the course. Not sure what it is. I think I have much better tempo on the course than on the range because I am more concerned with executing a shot than with just hitting balls to hit balls.   As far as par 3's, definitely just a mental road block that you will move past as you get better. Focus on your tempo and not on the other things going on around you. Make sure you have enough club, maybe if it...
I went to Golf Galaxy for a driver fitting last saturday night. It was at about 7:00, half an hour before close. There was only one other person in the store besides me, so the fitter paid very good attention to me. Gave me a few tips while I was hitting, had me try multiple shaft/head combos, and even let my step-dad who was there with me hit with a few different drivers. I ended up not even purchasing anything because we decided that my swing didn't warrant spending...
I like to use a 7i in those types of situations. More loft and shorter shaft so you can control it better, and you can still get that distance to run it up the front of the green.
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