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Hi Marvin Welcome to TST and indeed to the UK
I try to play it with a 'neutral' club shaft, not leaning forward or backwards. Then easy swing and the club does the rest....don't try to hit it too hard.
Welcome aboard. Whereabouts in the UK are you?
Play MORE golf. Enjoy MORE golf. Current handicap is 19.6 but can play to 15,16. Here in UK, need to play those rounds when it counts; in competition. so goal to get to play off 15.
I have a Garmin GPS watch, and have ordered a laser rangefinder. I am determined to get really comfortable with what my yardages actually are on the range and then know what I am faced with on the course...😃
Wow. Somebody touched a nerve here. I can only speak personally, but the marketing stuff appeals to that little 1% inside of me that WANTS to believe that new kit can help me be better. I agree with the majority of posters, money would be better spent on practice, outlandish claims are always undone by the small print, and a moments logical thought would tell us that if half the claims were true, we would all be hitting it 750 yards with an 8 iron. In actual fact, the...
Money Transfer Specialist, based in the UK
Bad habits! That's all I've got! The name comes from partners..most of the time El Bad is mor appropriate!
Truly tough day for the credit card, got seriously carried away on the web... Set of 5 Scor wedges Pre ordered stage 2 RBZ Rescue 4 iron to extend my new rocketbladez set of irons Footjoy gloves Iron covers Bushnell range finder Ouch......
The 2010 Course at Celtic Manor in Wales on a wet, windy winters day....humbling...
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