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 This shouldn't upset you one bit, they're not gonna learn a thing!
I agree 100% and I have no regrets about taking an Aimpoint Express class. Just learning to read putts with my feet has improved my putting a ton! Learning to use my feet was worth the price of admission ! 
Well I disagree that this can't be learned using a Dvd or a book. I learned how to set up and maintain a salt water reef tank by reading books on the subject. Aimpoint express is no exception, it can be learned through books or Dvd's ,just like anything else. I'm not going to change your mind and your not going to change mine, so let's just leave it at that.
I did take an express class , that's why I believe it can be taught using a book or Dvd.
I've learned a lot of things from videos and books and learning aimpoint express from either would be possible . I think the creator and teachers would love people to believe this but it's just not true! If it wasn't true why is the method such a big secret ! Answer , because Express can be learned from a Dvd or book , that's why its protected like a magicians secret.
To All Thanks. Is this the right page. https://www.facebook.com/AimPointGolf My daughter signed me up for facebook several years ago. We did this because she want out of the country for a vacation, and we used fb to save on the phone bills. I don't use fb at all, so sorry for the dumb question.  I'd like to know what I'm talking about before I contact the pro I took the class from. I'm getting the feeling he can't be bother with fb or he would have known that Aimpoint...
Hi I took an Aimpoint Express class last Saturday. The instructor said he'd email me a password to login to the Aimpoint forum. I'm still waiting for a password because he said Mark's out of town. When I checked out the Aimpoint forum there was a message saying that the forum was being deactivated. I also read somewhere that the replacement site was Facebook but you still needed a password to login.  Is this information accurate and is the Facebook site worth while ? I...
Hi  What is the reason for setting up left since you don't swing along your stance line. Couldn't you set up square to the target and get the same results. I'm not being argumentative, I just don't understand why you have to set up left. Thanks Ralph 
Hi I'm all set next Saturday for my Aimpoint class ! Thanks to all who helped.
  Thank you both for taking the time to help. I'm going to stop worrying about how accurate the levels are and just take the class. It should be the first or second Saturday coming up in Nov.  It might only be another golfer and I  in the whole clinic if he can't get more golfers  to sigh up.
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