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I made a grip adjustment.   Over the last couple of years, I've noticed some tendonitis creeping in my left thumb.   I'm going to a full baseball grip until it heals.   Once the weather warms, it will probably heal faster.         I received my Titleist 906F4 13.5 Adila 80 in the mail a couple days ago and regripped with a Winn DriTac    Love this club.        Taking some shots with the Mizuno MP 33  5 Iron  
Thanks beachcomber! I will go after it tomorrow. I have a new slo motion app and it showed my hits just inside of the sweet spot. I moved back an inch or two and my eye to ball line improved as well as my release. I have been practicing for a negative launch with my driver in hopes of keeping the ball a little lower. When I focus on hitting with a positive launch I will tend to balloon and slight fade. The positive launch contact Has a good feel and sound to...
nice swing! 
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ since 1967 My current handicap index or average score is:  6 to 12 My typical ball flight is: slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:   I'm pretty consistent until I'm inconsistent.   Maybe it's the story of my life.    Here is the good bad and ugly;   Unfortunately in the last couple years my driving distance has dropped from 265-275 to 245 255.  My swing doesn't feel any different, except...
I do have a great setup. I also added a 32 gb ipad for video. The angle directly behind my stance in line with the ball and target is very informative. Says i have no bottom end lack follow through its really disturbing. Although i do have good contact and hit it straight!
This year it was a private club in nj The Ridge at Blackbrook. Unbelieveable. $150k to get in. Place is legend. Ranked 8th in US private clubs. Beth Page Black, Cog Hill Dubs Dread, and The Bear in Traverse City round it out for.me.
You gotta play the asu course as well as gold canyon ranch. Might as well play eagle mountain. Phx is easy.to.get.around.
Thanks. Tst is terrific a lot to gain and to give back
titleistperformance.com has a terrific workout regimen to improve the golf swing.   In the case of leg strength you may consider digitalrunning.com.  The speed of the turn and the torque which is driven by your toes, feet, legs, hips, body, wrists is what is going to improve your clubhead speed.    Digital running has a few exercises that may surprise you, as they focus on one leg at a time, and stability.   It's hard for me and I consider myself in shape.   I have been...
Terrific thread, and I realize it's sort of dated.   For years, I've hit about 200 balls almost every morning at my home driving range.   It takes 90 minutes.   I don't have anything fancy like a launch analyzer, just a 8" inner tube hanging from a rope about 12 feet from the tee,  with a double foam padding on the wall, and 2 hanging carpets.   Practicing  consistently hitting the ball in the sweet spot, no matter which swing or club your using, is what I find most...
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