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I play mp33's.  They are so sweet.  My best golf was with Macgregor 67's circa 1977.   I salvaged the PW from the set, when they were confiscated at the border coming back from Tijuana. (I never hide stuff in my bag anymore).  Back then, I bought them in an alley, brand new in the plastic.   sorry about the old thread.    
I've been a Headhunter since 1984.   Always looking for Statisticians with New Drug Application experience, as well as Pharmacoeconomists.    Usually don't advertise my wares. 
I've lurked the site a bit and probably not the only one anxious for 2013.   At 53, I've been playing since 1968.    My parents were staff at Indiana University Northwest Campus, some of my first rounds were played for .75 cents for nine and 1.50 for 18.   In the summer, Mom would just drop me off in the morning and I would be there all day, almost everyday.  At 13 yrs old, I holed a double eagle, in the rain, during a county youth match  at Gleason in Gary, IN.  I can...
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