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I have always had a good run with 3balls.com. I normally buy new or open box, but even the few used items have always been in better condition than what they rated them. Fantastic deals IMHO on new/ open box deals on last seasons stock approx $120 for new driver from a major OEM is pretty good going
With aging eyes the yellow balls are much easier for me to follow off the tee, the white ball just disappears
A couple of fotos would make the thread much more interesting.... just a thought!
I was not implying anything. I am just surprised at the extent of the damage. I have hit my fair share of stinkers over the years and seen some absolute dogs of shots and never seen damage like that. Well, except one buddy that collected the tee marker!
Early season Fedex points are now a qualifying  criteria, news to me. All know the criteria well in advance, get on with it. The invite to past champs is perhaps why the tourney is held in such high regard by the players; adds to the charm of the tourney the first few days; and its arguably tougher to win because its tougher to get into and get experience on the course. Its just different, not necessarily worse. The other majors have their own quirks   Kevin Na,...
Damn you are right, the Masters is just so easy to win!  While they are at it they could rename it the Augusta WGC. The current best players are always there. If an Ernie or whoever has a form slump that's life. In reality his omission probably motivated him to get his game in order and win the next Open!
Errr, very different reason would be that he is South African and ineligible to play for Europe or the USA! 
Fowler in the mono colour outfits and then formerly it used to be Sergio, when it looked like his mother was dressing him and she still thought he was 8 year old, or he should have been behind the counter at McD (all yellow or yellow and red ensembles spring to mind).   For me some of Poults stuff was OTT, but he was pushing the envelope a bit and still looked pretty stylish IMHO.   I tend to run by the mantra, if you wouldn't wear it to the pub on the way home don't...
Its their own tournament and its nice to see something a bit different in terms of qualifying. Its the only major always played on the same course, should they take it on the road as well?
New Posts  All Forums: