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Good on you and good luck with the swing changes. As has been said you can use your irons well into single digit handicap no problems. There are tons of guys playing the likes on G25 on single handicaps. Its kinda reverse cool, to see guys with what looks, in many peoples opinion, a hacks bag full of SGI and hybrids pocket the cash from the tour wannabes. Used to play with a little guy in his late 40s,  that used to float on a 2-3 handicap, with a bag full of stock Adams...
If you really want square, check out the Nike Machspeeds they were pretty hand, I just got rid of mine in the last couple of months, gamed it for years (the first one) seemed to suit me. Mind the replacement Cobra Fly is just if  not more forgiving. If you can find one it will be pretty cheap
LOL, good luck in your search. There is plenty with more offset than your Rocketbladez in the market, unless you are well into a lower single digit handicap you probably don't really "need" more of a players club. Wanting is something else. I would have a look at Pings i25 for a blend of minimal offset and foregiveness
Oh lordy, assuming it is not my swing! Just admit you want blades and buy them and stop trying to justify it on some pseudo techno babble. It is not the offset that is making the ball hook 20 yards. 
I have always had a good run with 3balls.com. I normally buy new or open box, but even the few used items have always been in better condition than what they rated them. Fantastic deals IMHO on new/ open box deals on last seasons stock approx $120 for new driver from a major OEM is pretty good going
With aging eyes the yellow balls are much easier for me to follow off the tee, the white ball just disappears
A couple of fotos would make the thread much more interesting.... just a thought!
I was not implying anything. I am just surprised at the extent of the damage. I have hit my fair share of stinkers over the years and seen some absolute dogs of shots and never seen damage like that. Well, except one buddy that collected the tee marker!
Early season Fedex points are now a qualifying  criteria, news to me. All know the criteria well in advance, get on with it. The invite to past champs is perhaps why the tourney is held in such high regard by the players; adds to the charm of the tourney the first few days; and its arguably tougher to win because its tougher to get into and get experience on the course. Its just different, not necessarily worse. The other majors have their own quirks   Kevin Na,...
New Posts  All Forums: