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I don't see a fitting doing much, other than emptying your bank account if you don't have at least a half decent swing to start with.   How do you measure lie angle if no two swings are the same? IMHO early days for a starter all you need is an idea of swing speed, done easily enough in a big box store, to get you into the right flex shaft.   I have done bits and pieces fittings over the years, but I always end up in basically an R Flex, standard length
I am sold on the Cobra Fly Z. It tested top on another pretty popular golf forums user tests and seems to do all it is hyped as doing for me at least, a good solid compromise between length and accuracy, hugely adjustable so a half decent fitter should be able to get it well sorted for you
I know its at the extreme end of the scale. I don't think the made for OEM shafts are as common in irons as they are/ were in drivers. Even if you don't put the most expensive shafts in; a moderate shaft and grip up grade can put you in the realms of a decent OEM set on discount. The likes of the Adams sets with 2,3, or 4 hybrids in particular offer very good value if they suit you 
Yes, some of the options on Giga and others can be a bit crazy. In two minutes on the net I can get RBZ 4h and 5h 6-GW for $325. Adams Tech V4 for $249, Cally Edge Hybrid set for $299, Adams a12 OS for $229 (arguably the best listed here for an out and out beginner with 3 hybrids from one of the best OEMs on the market for hybrids)   If I up spec at Giga one hybrid and the TRZ irons 5-AW you can end up at about $375. Pinemeadows is similar, no sweat to arc the price up...
4 hybrid of some flavour has been in the bag since about 2008/9 with irons 5i and up. No problems
I have played and used no name clubs while stationed overseas for a year with work and at the time I remarked that I basically shot the same scores with a $100 complete set as I did with my name brand bag at home (around 8-10 handicap) at the time.   At the end of the day I still prefer to have my name brand cubs. I am also a bit wary of upgrading the clones as if you are not careful you can end up pushing the price to the same level as last years models from the OEMs on...
Pin Hi complete set, absolutely ugly $100 set out of department store, played them for a year on and 8-10 handicap
I have had the Fly Z driver and 3 wood since may and very happy with it. Standard R shaft and so far seems to work for me. Very forgiving unless you put a real pig of a swing on it. Length not noticeably more than my very old driver, though I have not been playing regularly the past few years, so in part the swing more than the stick. Seems to almost be fighting to keep the ball on line.   Also well pleased with the 3 wood and it is noticeably longer than the old Nike...
Good on you and good luck with the swing changes. As has been said you can use your irons well into single digit handicap no problems. There are tons of guys playing the likes on G25 on single handicaps. Its kinda reverse cool, to see guys with what looks, in many peoples opinion, a hacks bag full of SGI and hybrids pocket the cash from the tour wannabes. Used to play with a little guy in his late 40s,  that used to float on a 2-3 handicap, with a bag full of stock Adams...
If you really want square, check out the Nike Machspeeds they were pretty hand, I just got rid of mine in the last couple of months, gamed it for years (the first one) seemed to suit me. Mind the replacement Cobra Fly is just if  not more forgiving. If you can find one it will be pretty cheap
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