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Very impressive stuff from Scott Stallings today. He can join a pretty short list of guys who have won PGA Tour events 3 years in a row (obviously he'd be the first to do it in 11, 12 and 13), but not many did it from 10-12. Hopefully he can finish the deal, hate to see a guy lose a lead like he has! Got to keep the pedal to the metal though.
I think McGinley is a solid choice. A lot of the players who will be there seemed to have his back.
  Echoing what several others have said, it's so critical to have a routine that you can go to when the pressure is amped up, whether you're playing for the club championship or just standing over a putt on the 18th to win or lose a $2 bet. Having that routine that you do every time gives you the best chance, even if you do feel like you're bleeding internally standing over than 5-footer.
As mentioned earlier, Josh Broadaway's cross-handed swing is pretty amazing. When I first started playing as a kind 30-something years ago, it felt more comfortable to hold the club cross-handed. My dad fixed that quickly, but I felt much more comfortable putting that way (and still do all these years later.) Back then, it was just me and Bruce Lietzke putting cross handed but now a lot of people do.
I was too late to vote, which might be a good thing since I think I changed my mind twice while scrolling through everyone's answers. My first instinct was to say Tiger because of how consistently he is near the top even when not winning when he's the "Good Tiger," which I think we'll see more of this year. But the same argument certainly could be made for Rory. And Rory likely will play a few more tournaments, although he does have a higher number of European stops than...
So I keep thinking these rookies will fade, yet they just keep pressing on and making putts from everywhere. Is it a done deal that one of them is going to win this thing tomorrow?
I work in promotions for a multicounty library system. I'm also a writing, working on several books in several different genres, and I have my own golf blog primarily keeping up with professional golf. Mostly I'm a busy dad.
New Posts  All Forums: