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I got to watch him hit balls at the range before the Masters Par 3 tournament three years ago. A bunch of people were trying to figure out who he was, most confusing him with Jim Flick. Glad I got to see him.
Its a lot like playing golf. Sometimes you get some bad breaks. I took a little chance with Summerhays this week on my bench hoping he may have a surprise week but figured Bubba would be a solid pick. Hard to see a WD coming, and Summerhays didn't cut it either.
Rory McIlroy (-6) Ian Poulter (-7) Kevin Stadler (-6)
Figured the Club Champ would give you guys a little head start this year:-)   Just joined, wasn't going to originally due to tons of things going on but need the weekly golf fix.  
Great idea, can't wait for the final product!
You definitely gave me a run for my money. Great battle those last few weeks
Jinx! :-)
No, not worth it. I'll do you a favor and take those tickets off your hands for $20 each:-) I was lucky enough to get tickets three years ago. Definitely worth it in my opinion, if just to see the course. And ditto, book your hotel immediately. I didn't when I was selected and had to get a room in Covington, west of Augusta.
Watching today's round on DVR and saw this discussion before seeing the shot in question. Feherty did say it was red, but then corrected himself and specifically said it was yellow.  
Tiger Woods - 9 Under Phil Mickelson - 9 Under Louis Oosthuizen - 9 Under
New Posts  All Forums: