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Lamkin iLine orange grips on everything.
New bag for 2015.
My lowest round is 64 on a par 72, it was during the first round of my PAT, I was scratch at the time. 
Sorry, the first is the AP1 from 2008 the second is the 710 from 2010, and there is a newer 712 iron from 2012. I had my generations mixed up. There have been 3 AP1 irons, and you have photos of the first two. Hope that clears it up.
The bottom picture looks like the AP1 712 irons, not sure why the hosel stamp would say 710.
I was on staff with Nike for the last two years before switching this season. I was very happy with the products they made. I just couldn't get used to the ball last season although I have been told that the new one is much better.
Royal County Down, the winds and subtleties of the course make it extremely difficult to put the ball in the right place for your next shot. I can't wait to give it another shot.
I will usually play the same ball until it gets any type of scuff on it from wedge shots or any other cover wear. Once there is any kind of mark that may affect the flight of the ball, it goes into the practice bag.
46* PW 52* 58*
I think it is because it is such a specialized club, it is very limited in what it can and shouldn't be used for. Personally, I don't find that there are enough shots that I can hit with a 64 that I can't hit with my 58 that justify it taking a spot in the bag.
New Posts  All Forums: