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I don't often have to hit my 3 iron, I took it out of the bag last year, but added it back in this season. At least for now.
I really like the X Hot off of the tee, I'm using the Pro version which is a slightly smaller head. The standard has a larger head that may be more confidence inspiring off of the tee. I believe they are going to release a slightly larger and deeper faced version as well, like the F-D model from Titleist for the player looking for a 3 wood to use as a driver replacement.
I always tee it up when given the option, I feel that I make the cleanest contact possible even with the tee pushed all the way into the ground.
My first set was my uncle's old Wilson Staff Gooseneck irons. The first set of my own was A set of Tommy Armour 845's.
I tested the Pro version when I was at the Callaway facility. It's a really good driver, solid feel and the ball really jumps off the face. I ended up going with the Razr Fit Xtreme, was a lower spinning club head for me.
It doesn't need the lines on the ball. 400 RPM is about four to five yards of roll after landing and for me, it is two yards of carry so all in all I lose about seven yards due to a ball change.
I'm playing the Hex Black Tour, although I have a bunch of different tour balls that I will test on the launch monitor.
My swing, I have seen spin rate changes up to 400 rpm between your level balls like the ProV1 versus the ProV1x or the 20Xi and the 20Xi-X. I'm getting 500 rpm less spin with the Hex Black Tour compared to the Hex Hot balls I use in my teaching bay.
What type of launch monitor did you get? I find that their are some significant differences off of the driver between different balls. I am using the Foresight GC2
I tried the X Hot Pro and felt that it had a little too much offset for my liking, especially for a pro model. I know you can find a Nike VR Pro for cheap, that was a great hybrid that I used all year last season.
New Posts  All Forums: