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Lee Westwood -10 Luke Donald -10
Lol @ Rory bending his club.
Justin Rose (-9) Lee Westwood (-9) Matt Kucher (-9)
Looking forward to this one. Great course and field. I'm going for a Tiger / Sergio 5 hole playoff. With Tiger coming out on top.....again.
Definitely better scores when I play alone, no pressure, no distractions and you think about every shot.
Sergio ain't racist, he's just bad at jokes, and Spanish.....wait, does that make me racist? Lets be honest, because it involves Tig's, it's been blown way out of proportion. If Tiger had said 'He can come round every night and serve tapas', we would have all LOL'd and gotten on with our day as if nothing happened.
I believe the story came from him posting a pic of him cooking the beef on his BBQ the other day: @LukeDonald: Perfect warm evening in Chicago, grilling some Miyazaki beef - best beef in the world, literally #DoesntGetMuchBetter http://t.co/wEcBk0Vzht @LukeDonald: For winning the Dunlop Phoenix event last year, part of the prize was the beef - just turned up today thanks to @nickkokonas
As a European I like Sergio, he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he is a little nut case. Without him this weekend it wouldn't have been as exciting as it was. Tiger played well and won. It's nice to see some people challenging him for a change, no one else has the balls to do it. Even the commentators during the round were saying how difficult it must be to play with Tiger because of all the spectators around, and Tiger holes out first there is a rush to the next hole,...
Shame those two aren't playing together today. Wittenberg has some seriously bling eyewear on.
Exactly, Sergio didn't blame Tiger, he blamed the crowd for making noise when he pulled his club. Tiger even 'shushed' the crowd as he knew Serg must have been preparing or taking his shot.Media kicking up a storm as it invlolves Tiger.
New Posts  All Forums: