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I took up golf in late 2012 when I was 28. I just got a divorce and need a kind of escape to cleared up my mind. I chose golf simply because the company that I worked for has a lot of golf events and I thought it would be embarrassing for me if I couldn’t participate.   I took 5 x 2 hour lessons from a pro. Basically I learned everything from zero: grip, stance, posture, swing, and other fundamental aspects of golf. I’m not an athlete guy and not muscular either but I...
  Thanks for your lavish explanation, guys. It cleared up my doubt and confusion. It seems that I have to stick with 10* driver and regular shaft. I realised that with stiff shaft, I tend to try to overswing and hit the ball as fast/hard as I can, that result in losing balance and control. With regular shaft, I assume that I can swing with 75-85% of my power, but still have the balance and control, right?
  Sorry, my mistake. I'm righty. My mishit goes RIGHT, not left.  Sorry for the confusion. Assuming that you have the same swing speed/technique/etc., what is the difference in hitting 8.5/9.5/10.5 driver? Does it affect distance and ball flight significantly?
 Thanks for your prompt reply. When I hit it good, it goes straight, but just as far as my 3-wood.When I hit it bad, it goes left. Yes, it's a BAD slice, not just a fade.
Hi,   I'm finding it difficult to hit my driver properly. It's 8.5*, neutral face, 55 gram stiff stock shaft, standard length, 45". Half of my tee shot always slice to the right. Even when I hit it perfectly, it's probably just as far as my 3-wood shot. Is it because of the loft/weight/flex/length?   Btw, I have 3-wood and 5-wood standard stiff shaft and hit them fine. I hit my ProjectX 5.5 on my irons just fine. My old driver is 9.5 regular shaft and I just hit them...
Many thanks for your lavish answers, guys. Appreciate it much.
Luke Donald (-11) Charles Howell III (-10) Kevin Na (-10)
 Thanks! Found a couple of FG Tour/X on eBay at ridiculously cheap price.
I occasionally took my little brother to the range. He seemed interested so far. It's been a month and he showed much swing improvement. I'm planning to take him to the course as soon as he able to swing a driver consistently. Time will tell.
A couple of questions on golf balls:   (1) What level (or type) of player you need to be before the ball makes a significant difference? Is it completely ridiculous for a 24 HDCP player to use a Pro V1? Is a scratch player being held back by not using a premium ball?   (2) What are the differences between ProV1 and ProV1x? Are they suitable for all-levels golfers?   (3) What makes ProV1/ProV1x so popular on tour? Is it because the quality or is it because they got...
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