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Hi there,   would like some input on my loading position. At the bottom of this post you will find 2 images, fig B is my usual and A is what I would like some insights. I understand that X-factor refers to the angular difference in rotation of the shoulders and hips, the bigger the X-factor, the more torque and club head speed. A quieter lower body also means a more stable base with less moving parts, hence a more consistent swing. In fig A, you can see that I have...
I normally play a draw but I'm trying to hit it dead straight or with as little deviation as possible to try to straighten out the shots
You might want to pause at the top for a bit. Make a count. 1, 2. Also, hit more down on the ball
Hi there! I used to have the same problem as you, getting too inside and then having to flip the club and get awkward pulls. What my coach got me doing it getting to the top and them come down steeper into the ball, it does help if you rotate your left hip. Meaning to say that if I drew a line down at your butt your left check would cross it
Yes, an the more direct reason why you're slicing is because you're scooping the ball. Trying to use the club as a scoop to flick it up, hence causing your head to sway very far back. Just try to hit the ball into the ground, imagine the club to be a hammer and all you need to do I squeeze the ball into the ground and it will lift off(:
Hey man, you're not a lone. I've been desperately trying to get my handicap down but it's only going north. And then as if it wasn't bad enough I need to stop playing for 6 months to prep for my major exams
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 16.2 My typical ball flight is: Low with the woods and high with the irons The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: duff straight pull Videos:
Haha you poor folks! Here in Singapore it's sunny everyday(;
You're hcap 10. Drive the ball 290. 290 is pretty tour distance already. Which only implies that you're loosing shots from poor approaches. So. If you can get the ball to probably 240 with a 3 hybrid then you should be at 230 with the 4i. If I were you, I'd dump the hybrids. Yes both. And get more club at the bottom. Honestly. When do you get to use your 3 wood and hybrids. Only the par 5, maybe the stretchy par 4s and perhaps to reach some doglegs. You're not going to be...
Could you recommend a stiffer shaft? I like the PX6.0 I'm using now, 6.5 just doesn't work for me
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