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I putt left handed. I do play with 2 right handers who putt left handed neither is an exceptional putter not bad just average. Both say that left handed putting takes their hands out. I tried right handed putting but it did nothing for me. I can 3 putt just as easily left handed.  
"Never" is a strong word.
Not a fan. Too much jesus.
Too stiff shafts loose distance and feel IMO. Please take no offence but with your index M33 are probably not the right clubs. Also a 9 iron is not a 9 iron different club have different lofts. That is done so the manufacturer can advertise our 7 iron goes 10 yards further. One 9 may be 38 degrees another may be 42, 10 yards different.
You are 100% correct. A 10 handicapper has a 10% margin of error at 100 yards equals 30 feet. Aim at the center. Hope to 2 putt. 
 NOTHING is as good as or as easy as the infomercial says.
IMO you have got to try a putter before buying it. Length and lie are important. After you know what Ebay or Amazon are good places to look for good prices.
I have a 83 MPH and can drive it 400 yards on 18 at Kapalua with a 50 MPH wind at my back. A 100 MPH swing speed might hit it 250 on a level hole with no wind, 290 you're dreaming. 
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