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From last week. Hit a bomb, lots of roll, 285. Had about 240 to the front, lots of bunkers. Decided to layup, took too little club and hit it in a bunker. Had 75 yards to the pin, green elevated. Hit it straight at the flag, heard it land, hit the pin, it sounded as if it went in. Ended up 6 feet from the flag. Missed the putt.
71 right now, all depends how the weather holds up in the fall.
Not from my experience, obviously, but stats say otherwise.  They hit the green a lot more often with a PW than with a 7 iron.
I wanted to add something about taking lessons.  I think someone mentioned it before too.     Find a good instructor, try to find some reviews maybe even youtube videos.   When you do find one, tell him you are not looking for a patch, you want to really build a solid swing that will allow you to shoot lower scores. I did that, and even though I feel like I should be a single by now, I am very satisfied with my progress at 11.   Good luck. :)
As others have mentioned before:   Lessons, from an instructor.
I agree.  Even though I can hit it out there, I don't like playing anything longer than 6700 or so.  250-260 drive on longer courses leaves me with a long iron or a hybrid/wood for my approach on some of the longer par 4's, and lets be realistic, at my level, that's just not fun.
190 drive, so probably a 175 carry, might not get him over the forced carries.  Very little room for any errors. Also, would never be able to reach a green in two. My dad is on a short side, somewhat straight.  Sometimes he plays longer tees with me, and straight is just not enough.
Were you playing the same tees?   I'd say it all depends what tees you want to play.  If you want to play tips on courses 7k+, your 190 yard drive guy will not score well.
 That's very very interesting.  This might change the way I read greens.
Always.  That last revolution usually gives away the general break.  Most useful when the ball stops close to the hole.     I hate when I am far away for some reason, and my dad or someone I play with putts before I get to the green.
New Posts  All Forums: