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I've enjoyed some.  Most of the time, i'll stay away from them unless they are like a top attraction, at which point i'll play it once just to see what the fuss is about.  Most of the time, it's too much.  I like simplistic designs and he is far from it.
Congrats on breaking 90. Be prepared though that it might take a while to bring you average score down. Just continue doing all the work and don't get discouraged. Once I broke a 90 two years ago (with an 82), it took me another 100 rounds or so to become consistent enough to hit 80's most of the time.
Doesn't this actually relate more to your short game as opposed to the number of putts? Can't expect to get up and down if you are not getting yourself to within a few feet.
I've been on this road for the past year or so. I will list the factors starting at the tee: 1. Play the right tees. For me, that means I have options, I can hit a hybrid or a wood on many holes. If you are using the driver 14 times, you should probably move up. (Alternatively, if ego won't allow it, take lessons and unlock the distance) 2. Dependable tee shot. By that I mean something that goes about the same distance almost every time. By that I mean if your normal...
Good disclaimer about not trying the "Hero" shots.  But.... I disagree with this approach, I don't think a 18 handicap will gain much by learning how to hit punch shots etc.  If you want to be in low 80's, how many times can you really afford to be in a situation like that? Once maybe twice a round? Especially when the rest of your game is not exceptional?  If you hit it in the trees, punch back to the fairway, still 160 out, chance he is going to miss that green. 4th back...
Always found the hybrid easier to hit.  Also, can't really hit a wood off of a bad lie.  My setup in the sig.
I'm pretty much the same way.  Walking up to your ball in a straight line, without thinking about when and how you are going to get there on the cart really gives you a lot more time to think about your next shot.  It also gives you time to reflect on what you could have don't differently if you are not in a perfect spot. Walked a course for the first time since the fall yesterday, and my legs are killing me! I guess 5-6 months of sitting on my ass wasn't all that good. ;)
Shot an 86 at Pinemeadow golf course in Mundeline, IL. All ponds still frozen and snow still on the ground. This seems like my score lately when I'm hitting it so so.
^^^This. I realized long time ago, that to reach my goal of being close to scratch/low single digit, I would have to take lessons. I agree that if you want to be in 90's most of the time, and break it once a season, you can probably do it on your own.
I agree that we are all different.  But there is a reason why most of players on higher level have instructors.  Even with todays technology where you could tape your swing over and over and try to figure out things on your own, these players get an instructor.
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